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Faculty Profile: Assistant Professor - Dr. David Churchill

Dr. David Churchill

Dr. David Churchill joined the Department of Computer Science in September 2016. Find out more about him in our first Faculty Profile!


Information for current Computer Science Students

While a new Computer Science undergraduate curriculum has been approved, the current program will also be continued for current Computer Science majors.

There will be a transition period while the old program is phased out, beginning in the next academic year. Students who are current Computer Science majors should follow the current program regulations and course requirements. Note that COMP-2710, COMP-2742, and COMP-2760 will be offered for the last time in Fall 2016, while COMP-2711 will be offered for the last time in Winter 2017.



2016 Graduate Awards

The Computer Science Graduate Studies Committee announced the recipients of the 2016 Graduate Awards.

1) Graduate Research Award: Chen Zhang, in recognition of research achievement highlighted by 4 peer-reviewed articles as first author (1 journal and 3 conferences) and 2 awards (from IEEE and within the university).

2) Academic Excellence Award: Shweta Balyan and Srinivasan Venugopal (shared),  for achieving the highest overall grade among the course-route  MSc students who have taken at least 4 courses (excluding project and work term) in the 2015-2016 academic year.

3) Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Hao Cai and Ali M. S. Alfosool (shared), in recognition of their outstanding performance in the teaching assistantship as evidenced by the instructors.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Here's how close AI is to beating humans in different games

Two decades after Deep Blue conquered chess and a year after AlphaGo took down go, there are still games that artificial intelligence can’t beat.

AI researchers like games because they offer complex, concrete, and exciting challenges, which can unlock broader applications. Take it from AlphaGo creator Demis Hassabis: Games "are useful as a testbed, a platform for trying to write our algorithmic ideas and testing out how far they scale and how well they do and it’s just a very efficient way of doing that. Ultimately we want to apply this to big real-world problems."

Read the full story here (

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