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Staff Profile: Instructional Assistant - Cindy Milley

Cindy Milley

Cindy Milley is an Instructional Assistant for the Dept of Computer Science. Find out more about her in our first Staff Profile!


Information for current Computer Science Students

While a new Computer Science undergraduate curriculum has been approved, the current program will also be continued for current Computer Science majors.

There will be a transition period while the old program is phased out, beginning in the next academic year. Students who are current Computer Science majors should follow the current program regulations and course requirements. Note that COMP-2710, COMP-2742, and COMP-2760 will be offered for the last time in Fall 2016, while COMP-2711 will be offered for the last time in Winter 2017.



Department of Computer Science adds specialized majors

Computer Science students

The discipline of computer science is a rapidly expanding frontier, and Memorial’s Department of Computer Science is evolving right along with it.

Following an academic program review and consultation, the department has decided to provide the option of more specialized majors in its undergraduate program, starting with the introduction of two new majors this fall.