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Former student helping to uncover potential genetic links to autism

Mohammed Uddin is a postdoctoral researcher at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

(Chris Young For The Globe and Mail)

Mohammed Uddin, one of our former students has found a way to sort Brainspan data and compare it with other data to uncover thousands of potential genetic links to autism spectrum disorder.




Intro to Computer Science is now the most popular freshman class at Harvard

Apparently, students at Harvard have figured IT out: "Harvard students are smart people," said Harry R. Lewis '68, former dean of Harvard College and current director of undergraduate studies for Computer Science. "They have figured out that in pretty much every area of study, computational methods and computational thinking are going to be important to the future." So, the introduction class to Computer Science CS50 logs record-breaking enrollment numbers at Harvard in Fall 2014. CS50 instructor, David J. Malan '99, and other computer science professors said that the boost in enrollment stems from increasing Harvard-wide and nation-wide interest in computer science. Congratulations to Harvard for a clever move!

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