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Free Public Lecture at the Johnson GEO CENTRE

The loss of the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage has developed into story with many layers. As time passes, more and more the accepted version of the events is a complication of fact, theory, and of course, dramatization. There still remain however, many questions about actions up to the collision and immediately after. Using its unique blend of marine operational expertise and world leading marine simulation capacity, the Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS), at the Marine Institute, has undertaken an examination of key events in the Loss of the Titanic.

Join Captain Chris Hearn, Director of CMS as he looks to discuss what the Look Outs in the Crow’s Nest may have seen, how the avoiding actions of the Titanic suggest the iceberg may have been smaller than generally accepted, and where was the SS Californian in relation to the disaster.

The lecture will be held at the

Johnson GEO CENTRE, 175 Signal Hill Road.

Free Admission. Everyone welcome!

Doors open at 7:00pm. Call 737-7880 for more information.



Mar 2nd, 2012

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