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Atlantic Undergraduate Biology Conference (AUBC)
Dr. Robert Hooper
Credit: Science Atlantic

Atlantic Undergraduate Biology Conference (AUBC)

The Science Atlantic Undergraduate Biology conference will be held as part of the Joint Science Atlantic Aquaculture & Fisheries and Biology, Conference. This year the conference will be held at Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax , Nova Scotia from the 14 to 16 of March 2014.


Must be a Biology honours student either enrolled in or have completed 499B.  A maximum of four students will be selected for the Biology component of the conference, two students will present posters and two will make presentations. Students interested in attending will need to express their interest to Dr. Robert Hooper by sending an email to him at:

Additional students may want to consider presenting to the Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference which occurs concurrently.

If selected to attend the conference students will then obtain their funding commitments.

Possible sources of funding:

1)     Biology Department (maximum $300)

2)     Honours supervisor

3)     Dean’s Office, Faculty of Science

Commitments for the three funding sources above should be obtained on a Graduate Student Request for Travel Assistance form (there isn’t an “undergraduate” version of this form so a graduate form will need to be used).  Form can be obtained from the Biology General Office. Use one form for all sources above.

4)     Dean’s Office, Student Affairs and Services – through the Student Innovation Fund.  Students selected to go must apply as a group for this funding source.  If approved a cheque will be issued to one member of the group who would then be responsible to divide the funding as appropriate.  Application can be done on-line at:

5)     MUNSU – variable

6)     BIOS – fundraising

7)     International Students can apply to International Undergraduate Student Conference. Please contact Rhonda Byrne  864-6167

Once funding commitments have been obtained students must meet with Alvin Kenny, Administrative Officer, Biology  Department.  He can be contacted by email at or by phone at 864-4578.  It is important that you meet with him before going to the conference. 

Conference registration and Abstract submission deadline: TBA website and submission dates will be posted when available

Questions about the conference can be directed to Dr. Robert Hooper (  ) or Karen Morris ( ).

Dec 5th, 2013

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