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Sustaining our urban jewel: assessing the impacts of human activities in Pippy Park, St. John's
Dr. Shawn Leroux
Pippy Park, St. John's NL

Located minutes from downtown St. John's, Pippy Park is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. The land reserve consists of 3,400 acres of protected area as well as areas vital for nature and public recreation. Popular recreational activities in Pippy Park include dog walking, skiing, and hiking. A group of 12 undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland undertook a class project to assess the effects of: 1) pet waste on water quality in the park and 2) motorized vehicles on park flora and fauna. To learn about what they found click here. To learn more you can contact the course instructors Dr. Shawn Leroux or Dr. Luise Hermanutz.

May 20th, 2013

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