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Boreal @ Memorial
Kerri Green
Boreal Ecology Class at Gambo Red Pine Forest Preserve.

(Back from left) Lance Penney, Daniel Windeler, Trent Pollett, Justin Strong, Andrew Fudge, Fred Tulk, Jennifer Stratton, Seth Bennett, Aaron Edwards, Sarah deMolitor, (Front from left) Nichole Hutc

Join students of the Boreal Ecology course explore the HALO of the globe: the Boreal
Biome. Our province is part of the Boreal ecosystem. The Boreal Ecology Class
(BIOL3610) has created an information website about the Boreal Biome as part of
a class project.

There are 6 topics you can explore: 1) Why is the boreal where it is? How the glaciers shaped the Boreal of today; 2) Disturbance is good! Yes, even fire! 3) Ethnobotany, how people use Boreal plants; 4) Hot button Conservation issues in the Boreal Biome, 5)Climate change is happening in the Boreal Biome, and 6)Profiling Boreal resea

Dr. Luise Hermanutz wanted her students to disseminate the masses of scientific information about the Boreal Biome to the public to spark interest in our surroundings and make it available to everyone (even you!).

For more information on this project please visit the Boreal @ Memorial webpage.

Dec 5th, 2012

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