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Department of Biology News

Dr. Danny Dyer, Dr. Christina Thorpe and Kim Myrick.

The Faculty of Science held a teaching and learning retreat to give faculty, sessional instructors and contractual employees the chance to talk about their discipline and relate some of their best teaching experiences, while sharing tips and tricks.

The MUNSU Awards for “Excellence in Teaching” and “Outstanding Contribution to Student Life” are intended to give students the opportunity to give back to those faculty and staff members at Memorial who have had a positive impact on their lives. These awards are chosen entirely by the students.

This year the nominations for Science were Dr. Bob Hooper (Biology), Dr. Margaret Caldwel (Biology), Valerie Power (Biology), Beth Ann Austin (Math & Stats) and Dr. Ronald Haynes (Math & Stats).

A termite mound on the road to Tom Price, Western Australian. A 2014 field trip through the Pilbara with Dr. Tom Chpaman with PhD students, Jake Coates and Holly Caravan (not the first trip to Australia for any of them)

Check out this blog by Biology's own Dr. Tom Chapman published through the Entomological Society of Canada! Dr. Chapman talks about being a Canadian entomologist conducting field work in the Australian outback!