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Department of Biology News

Dr. Edward (Ted) Miller holding a Wilsonís snipe. PHOTO: TIAGO RODRIGUES

Imagine a 10-ton dinosaur cooing like a dove. Such a low-pitched sound could have travelled for long distances, like the hoots of large owls or calls of howler monkeys.

Military surgical ward

Private George Joseph Stone’s misfortune was to have much of his face shot off.

As horrific an event it was, in actuality, the timing was fortuitous.

The young Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldier was almost fatally injured at Beaumont-Hamel on July 1st, 1916. But due to a “lucky” coincidence, a New Zealand surgeon named Harold Gillies had recently begun asking for those with severe facial injuries to be sent to him in England for treatment.


Dr. Shawn Leroux

In a recent article in The Gazette, Dr. Shawn Leroux discusses how Newfoundland and Labrador is a hot-spot for visitors but a research team has uncovered just how popular the island portion of the province is for non-native terrestrial mammals.

Understanding the island’s community of terrestrial mammals, both native and non-native, and their impacts, is the topic of Dr. Shawn Leroux’s collaborative research project with Memorial alumnus and current biology PhD student Justin Strong. Dr. Leroux is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology.

Science & Technology Fair 2016

The Department of Biology of Memorial Univeristy awards 3 Prizes each year at the Eastern NL Science & Technology Fair. Members of the department play an active role in this yearly event that brings together over 300 of the best and brightest Grade 7 to 12 Science students of Eastern Newfoundland.

The MUNSU Awards for “Excellence in Teaching” and “Outstanding Contribution to Student Life” are intended to give students the opportunity to give back to those faculty and staff members at Memorial who have had a positive impact on their lives. These awards are chosen entirely by the students.

This year the nominations for Science were Dr. Bob Hooper (Biology), Dr. Margaret Caldwel (Biology), Valerie Power (Biology), Beth Ann Austin (Math & Stats) and Dr. Ronald Haynes (Math & Stats).