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Department of Biology News

Photo Credit: Todd Boland

Can blueberry extract prevent or reduce the effects of Parkinson’s? That’s what researchers at Memorial University are trying to figure out.

A new paper by David Lipsett and Dr. Brian Staveley of the Department of Biology suggests that a diet supplemented with blueberry extract may indeed have a positive impact on a fruit fly model of Parkinson Disease.

Memorial University is heavily represented on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Ecological Reserves Advisory Committee.

Minister Joan Shea, Environment and Conservation, recently announced the appointment of 11 individuals, a number of whom have direct ties to Memorial.

The concept design phase of the new 425,000 sq. ft. core science facility is expected to wrap up in July.

On June 25th, three concepts will be presented in a Town Hall session to the Memorial community, with the goal of establishing a preferred scheme based on the strengths of each design.

Kyle Bustin

Grenfell alum Kyle Bustin is making his mark on the St. John’s Campus.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate recently finished a graffiti-style mural in the tunnel connecting the Science and Music buildings commissioned by the two academic units.

Andrew Chaulk

Researchers at Memorial are educating themselves to be able to identify the large variety of species of mosquito in the province.

The goal is to be better prepared to recognize the potential health risks they can pose through mosquito borne diseases.

Rose Root

Researchers at Memorial and Montreal Botanical Garden are working with Inuit Elders from communities in Northern Labrador to develop a small-scale business enterprise based on a plant that grows in northern coastal regions of the world.