PhD Comprehensive Examinations

 STUDENT: Mr. Sander Bennett Boisen 

EXAM TITLE:  How has phylogenetics contributed to the field of island biogeography? Consider patters and processes of colonization, extinction and community assembly.

DATE:     March 8, 2018
TIME:       10:00 am
PLACE:    SN- 3125A

STUDENT:  Ms. Danielle Quinn

EXAM TITLE:  Compare and contrast how species-specific vs. ecosystem-based strategies for conservation have been applied to different fish species, and analyse factors that influence the effectiveness of these different strategies in different contexts.

DATE:      March 9, 2018
TIME:       10:00 am
PLACE:     SN3125A 

STUDENT: Mr. Michel Laforge

EXAM TITLE:What can movement ecology teach us about consumer-resource dynamics in variable environments?

DATE:      March 21, 2018
TIME:      10:00 am
PLACE:   SN3125A

STUDENT: Ms. Emilie Geissinger

EXAM TITLE:  By contrasting mortality rates among fish species discuss approaches to determining mortality rates and why they are so difficult to measure with confidence in the ocean.

DATE:      March 27, 2018
TIME:       1:00 pm
PLACE:    SN3125A



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