PhD Thesis Defence

Candidate:  Carley Schacter

Title:   Migration Dynamics: Testing Ecological Theory with
              Tracking Data for Aethia Auklets in the North Pacific
Date:   Thursaday October 5, 2017
Time:    1:00 pm
Place:    IIC 2014 - Bruneau Centre for Research & Innovation

Internal Examiners:  Dr. William Montevecchi
                                             Department of Psychology
                                             Memorial University

                                             Dr. Yolanda Wiersma
                                             Department of Biology
                                             Memorial University

External Examiner:   Dr. Dan Costa
                                             Department of Ecology
                                             University of California

Supervisory Committee:  Dr. David Schneider (Supervisor)
                                                      Department of Ocean Sciences
                                                      Memorial University

                                                      Dr. Alistair Bath
                                                      Department of Geography
                                                      Memorial University





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