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Seminar Series

 Winter 2015 Seminar Schedule*

January 16

Dr. David Innes
Department of Biology, Memorial University
Life without sex

January 23

No seminar

January 30

Dr. Meghan Burchell
Department of Archaeology, Memorial University
When Archaeology met Sclerochronology: Interpreting shellfish harvesting traditions of coastal hunter-gatherers

February 6

Dr. Ron Harpelle
Lakehead University
Mobilizing Knowledge in the Digital Age: Linear and Non-Linear Documentary Filmmaking

February 13

Dr. Brett Favaro
CSAR, Memorial University
From PLOS ONE to the House of Commons: Communicating conservation as a scientist

February 20

Dr. Jay Shah
Department of Biology, Memorial University
Reinventing food towards health and wellness, a nutraceutical approach

February 27

Dr. Carissa Brown
Department of Geography, Memorial University
The complicated (but very interesting) story of non-climatic constraints on species’ range expansions under climate change

March 6

No Seminar

March 13

Dr. Trevor Pitcher
University of Windsor
Competitive fertilization success and genetic quality in salmonids

March 20

Dr. Geoff Coughlan
School of Fisheries, Marine Institute, Memorial University
Developing Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Capacity in Newfoundland and Labrador                                                                                                                                 

March 27

Dr. Remy Rochette
University of New Brunswick
Stock structure and connectivity in American lobster Homarus americanus: research by the Lobster Node of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network

April 3


April 10

Dr. Jeff Houlahan
University of New Brunswick
On Understanding: How we know what we know (and what that means for how we should do science

April 17

Dr. Catherine Potvin


April 24

Dr. Sue Zeigler

 * This schedule is tenatative and likely to change, so please check back for updates

Snack duty Winter 2014*

January 30 Walsh, Innes, Dufour
February 6  Carr, CFER
February 13  CSAR, Miller
February 20  Staveley, Rivkin
February 27  Roncal, Weirsma, Edinger
March 6  Leroux, Hermanutz
March 13  Purchase, Gagnon
March 20  Igamberdiev, Lang
March 27  Tahlan, Snelgrove
April 10  Chapman, Bignell
April 17  Jones, Montevecchi, Storey

        * This is a tentative snack duty schedule, once the Biology Graduate Student symposium is scheduled, this will likely change. 

           Beer and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.