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Seminar Series

 Winter 2016 Seminar Schedule*

January 15

Noel Cadigan
Fisheries and Marine Institute, Memorial University
An integrated state-space stock assessment model for Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, and short-term prospects for the fishery

January 22


Yolanda Wiersma
Memorial University
The incredible shrinking landscape ecologist: insights from micro-scale research

January 29

Keith Lewis
Memorial University
Newfoundland Caribou

February 5

Jackie Wells and Peter Madden
Lower Churchill Project
Environmental and Regulatory Compliance for the Muskrat Falls Project

February 12

Steve Carr
Memorial University
Darwin Day (Life and times of Darwin)

February 19

Linda Jewell
Atlantic Cool Crop Research Centre
Topic: plant pathology

February 26

Isabelle Cote
Simon Fraser University
Predatory aliens: Indo-Pacific lionfish on Caribbean reefs

March 4

Hannah Murphy
Fisheries and Marine Institute, Memorial University
The secrets of the deep: satellite tagging provides vital insights into biology and management of Atlantic halibut

March 11

Tom Sheratt
Carleton University
Animal cognition and the evolution of anti-predator defense

March 18

Andrew Lang
Memorial University
Building and controlling a gene transfer machine - taming a virus to serve the host

March 25

Good Friday - No Seminar

April 1

Paul Marino
Memorial University
Deceptive signaling and the relative importance of olfactory and visual signals in two species of fly-dispersed plants

April 8

James Sulikowski
University of New England

April 15

Suzanne Dufour
Memorial University

April 22

Tim Poisot
Université de Montreal
Topic: computation ecology

 * This schedule is tenatative and likely to change, so please check back for updates

Snack duty Winter 2016

January 15  BGSA
January 22  Joint with Blue Box
January 29  Lang, Igamberdiev
February 5  Dufour, Rose
February 12  Marshall, Bignell
Febraury 19  Wiersma, Marino
Febraury 26  Stavely, Tahlan
March 4  Roncal, Peña-Castillo
March 11  Gagnon, Fisher
March 18  Miller, Vander Wal
March 25  Good Friday - No Seminar
April 1  Edinger, Hurford
April 8  BGSA
April 15  Chapman, Dufour
April 22  Montevecchi, Leroux