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Seminar Series


Fall 2013 Seminar Schedule

September 13 Dr. Dominique Robert
CFER, Marine Institute, MUN
Impact of climate change on lower trophic levels of the marine pelagic ecosystem in the Western Canadian Arctic
September 20 Dr. Josie Hughes
Biology, MUN
Patterns and processes in forest insect population dynamics
September 27 Dr. John Reynolds
Simon Fraser University
The ecology of extinction risk in fish

October   18

Dr. Joanna Fyans
Biology, MUN
Characterization of Streptomyces species causing common scab disease in Newfoundland
November 1 Dr. Guillaume Dauphin
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Hierarchical Bayesian Models in population dynamics: Application to two Atlantic salmon populations
November 15 Dr. Louis-Charles Fortier
November 22 Dr. Marie Clement
CFER, Marine Institute, MUN
New research opportunities in aquatic science in Labrador
November 29 Dr. Elliott Burden
Earth Science, MUN


Winter 2014 Seminar Schedule

Winter 2014 BGSA Seminar Schedule



Snack duty

September 13 Igamberdiev, Lang
September 20 Chapman, Bignell
September 27 Montevecchi, Marshall
October 4 Walsh, Innes, Defour
October 11 Jones, Marino
October 18 Snelgrove, Rivkin
October 25 Hermanutz, Gagnon, Leroux
November 1 Rose, Fleming
November 15 Storey
November 22 Purchase, Hurford
November 29 Staveley, Miller


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