Services & Resources

The Faculty of Arts has numerous support facilities and resources available to help ensure that your time at Memorial is as successful, and enjoyable, as it can possibly be. Whether it's help with essay writing, deciding on courses, practicing grammar and comprehension of a second language or exploring your job options, the Faculty of Arts has people who are there for you.

To find the undergraduate academic advisor for your area of study check the Undergraduate Academic Advisors List

Academic Advice

Students with general questions about possible degree programs, degree requirements and academic advice in the Faculty of Arts should contact:

Denise Hooper
Senior Faculty Advisor
Faculty of Arts
Memorial University

Undergraduate students with questions about an interdisciplinary program of study, diploma programs and certificate programs in the Faculty of Arts should contact:

Renée Shute
Manager of Academic Programs, Faculty of Arts
AA-4080 (Arts and Administration)

Career Opportunities

Andrea Keating
Career Development Coordinator
Faculty of Arts

Study Abroad

Natalie Spracklin
Go Abroad Co-ordinator
Faculty of Arts

Writing Center

The Writing Centre is a free, drop-in facility for all Memorial University students, undergraduate or graduate, who want help with their writing. It also offers distance students an online tutorial option.

Economics Help Center

To assist students taking introductory courses, the economics department operates a Help Centre, located in Room AA-3095. Help Centre hours for the winter 2011 semester can be found posted on the bulletin board outside the general office of the Department of Economics or posted on the door of the seminar room (AA3095). For further information about the centre, students should contact the department at 864-8248 or email:

French & Spanish Help Centres

Do not wait for the day before a test or the final exam to ask questions! The Department of French and Spanish encourages students taking introductory courses in French and Spanish to avail of the peer tutoring offered at the Help Centre throughout the semester, in Room SN4049. Help Centre hours for all semesters can be found on our website as well as the door of SN4049. For further information about the centre, students should contact the department at 864-7636 or email:

Digital Learning Centre

The Digital Learning Centre is open to all students registered in an Arts program; second language students will find the facility particularly useful in practicing both written skills and aural comprehension exercises. Students studying linguistics, political science, sociology or history, for example, will also have access to the DLC for courses with a component taught here and can complete their assignments in the learning centre. The DLC has 70 iMac computers in total; 40 are located in SN-4030 and the other 30 in SN-4022. Both labs are identical in functionality and are staffed by student monitors who can help you with any questions you might have. Current opening hours are 9 am-7 pm Mondays to Thursdays and 9 am-5 pm on Fridays. For general inquiries, please email