How often does VPC meet?
Vice-Presidents Council meets weekly to undertake its business and attend to matters that come to it from across the institution for advice and decision.

What kinds of things require VPC approval?
As indicated in the VPC Terms of Reference, the Vice-Presidents Council has the delegated authority of the president for the responsibilities set out below:
1. Leadership in, and stewardship over, pan-university operations and affairs.

2. Setting the overall university budget for approval by the president and the Board of Regents following which implementation and oversight is the responsibility of the council.

3. Oversight of university strategic plans and frameworks, including their inter-relationship. Responsibility includes, but is not limited to, providing resources, leadership, and coordination in the implementation of plans and frameworks; determining when and if existing plans need to be assessed with respect to updating or renewal and identifying areas not adequately covered by the plans; determining if a plan is needed in an identified gap area; initiating and overseeing the process of modifying, renewing, creating, or terminating a plan or framework; and making recommendations to the President on the adoption of a modified, renewed, or new plan or the termination of an existing plan.

4. Oversight of preparation of the agenda and submissions for meetings of the Board of Regents.

5. Oversight of university administrative policies/procedures and approval of new or revised policies/procedures, in accordance with the policy framework.

6. Approval of changes in administrative structure and permanent-position staff complement within delegated authority.

7. Receipt of reports and recommendations from senior university committees and councils, VPC special committees and subcommittees .

8. Functional oversight of SIE compliance and strategic alignment.


How are items submitted to VPC?

Items for discussion or action at a Vice-Presidents Council must be forwarded through the appropriate vice-president's office.

VPC meeting agendas are generated by the coordinator, Vice-Presidents Council in close consultation with the offices of the other vice-presidents and any invitees. Agenda items must be sponsored by a vice-president, and have the support of a second vice-president (a co-sponsor). Submissions to VPC require a briefing note (also called a pink) which summarizes the issue, background information recommended action and communication considerations.

Does VPC have Committees?
Yes. According to its terms of reference, VPC can create can create special committees and standing committees as required.

Special committees are created to take on projects that have a beginning and end. Special committees serve for the duration of that committee’s deliberations and submission of its report.

Standing committees of VPC make recommendations to council about ongoing concerns such as Separately Incorporated Entities, Enterprise Risk Management, and Sustainability.



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