Operating fund adjusted budget (March 31, 2017)


This report on Memorial’s adjusted general operating budget includes high-level details by account and unit followed by a more detailed breakdown by function. The information in this report is best used to indicate funding that was available to the unit to operate in the reporting fiscal year 2016-17. It does not forecast funding that will be available in subsequent years.

The report does not reflect Memorial’s consolidated entity. As such, this report does not include sponsored research, special purpose and trust, ancillary, capital or endowment funds.

Adjusted budget is derived from the base budget +/- one-time adjustments due to variances in budgeted operating grants, tuition revenue, and other income. The base budget is approved by the Board of Regents.

Memorial’s general operating fund accounts for the institution’s primary operating activities of instruction and research, other than sponsored research.

Fund revenue includes government grants, student tuition and other fees (for credit and non-credit courses), and income from private and other unrestricted sources. Fund income also includes investment income, if the corresponding expenditures are reported in the general operating fund.

Fund expenditures are for the general operating costs of the institution including instruction and research, academic support services, library, student services, administrative services, plant maintenance, external relations and other operating expenditures of the institution. Fund expenditures also include the purchase of capital assets, if the corresponding income is reported in the general operating fund.

Full document or operating fund adjusted budget revenues and expenditures by:

Schedule 1: Account

Schedule 2: Unit

Schedule 3: Functional area and unit

Schedule 4: Functional area

Schedule 5: Functional area - unit level detail, faculties and schools

Schedule 6: Functional area - unit level detail, academic support units

Schedule 7: Functional area - unit level detail, academic other

Schedule 8: Functional area - unit level detail, student services

Schedule 9: Functional area - unit level detail, research support units

Schedule 10: Functional area - unit level detail, external relations

Schedule 11: Functional area - unit level detail, governing bodies

Schedule 12: Functional area - unit level detail, central support units

Schedule 13: Functional area - unit level detail, facilities management, information technology services and infractructure fund

Schedule 14: Functional area - unit level detail, operating expenses not allocated to units

Schedule 15: Functional area - unit level detail, revenue allocations


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