TAUMUN Executive Board 2014-15

TAUMUN Executive Board 2014-15:

President: Kshama Roy

Kshama Roy is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, where he also completed a M.Eng. in 2012. He has been involved in numerous leadership positions which included but not limited to President, Engineering Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS), Vice-President, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers-MUN student chapter, Secretary, Bangladesh Students’ Association, Director, Board of Directors, Graduate Students’ Union etc. throughout his academic career at MUN. Prior to joining as President (2013-current) he served as 1st Vice-President (2012-13) and Steward (2011-12) of TAUMUN. His strong leadership capabilities have helped him to win the Chancellor’s Graduate Award and the Fry Family Foundation Graduate Leadership Award, which is given to the student who has demonstrated the greatest leadership contribution to graduate student life and other areas of the community during his or her university years.

First Vice-President: Francesca Boschetti

Francesca Boschetti is an Italian PhD student in the Department of English at MUN, where she also completed an MA in 2013. She has been involved with TAUMUN since the beginning of 2013. First, she served as a Member-at-large in the Executive Board (2013), and then as the 1st Vice-President (2013-2015). She was also elected as a member of the TAUMUN Bargaining Team, where she represented MUN's graduate assistants in the negotiation of a new collective agreement with the university (2013-2014). Francesca was featured on the MUN website as an example of graduate student success (2015), was selected to be featured in MUN's Annual Report, and was an invited speaker at SGS's Graduate Orientation (2014, 2015). Moreover, she is the Faculty Council of Arts Graduate Student Representative (2013-current), was a member of the GSU Social Events Committee (2013), and served as Secretary in MUN's English Graduate Student Association (2013-2014). Francesca also volunteered in occasion of several academic events, including the Sparks Literary Festival and Graduate Orientation Week (2013-2014).

Second Vice-President:Shaikh Fahim

Shaikh Fahim is currently pursuing his Masters in Process Engineering and is involved with TAUMUN from September'14 as 2nd Vice-President. Besides TAUMUN, his other major volunteering experiences are: Treasurer, Bangladesh Students' Association (BSA) and Faculty Council Representative, Engineering Graduate Students' Society (EGSS). He also had the opportunity to volunteer with several other organizations- ANC, ISA, ISC and events- MUN Orientation, Make Midterm Matter etc.

Secretary-Treasurer: Rebayetur Rahman

Rebayetur Rahman is a M.Eng. candidate in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Besides his study & research he is interested in volunteering and non-profit organization. He has been involved in several volunteering positions throughout his academic career. He is the Secretary-Treasurer of TAUMUN since fall 2014. Prior to joining as Secretary-Treasurer of TAUMUN he volunteered as the TAUMUN representative of Engineering Graduate Students' Society (EGSS).

Member-at-Large: Md Shahriar Nizam

Md Shahriar Nizam is a M.Eng. candidate in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. He served TAUMUN as an Executive at large since September 2013. He also served as the Secretary of Bangladesh Students’ Association (BSA) and the Computer and web representative of Engineering Graduate Students Society (EGSS).