Executive Board 2015-16

President: Mohammad Jalal Ahammad

I am PhD student in interdisciplinary department. My expertization is in Computational and experimental fluid dynamics. I finished M.Sc. in Computational Science from MUN in May, 2014. I was also awarded the Fellow of SGS - 2014 at MUN. I enjoy doing research at MUN and I love MUN and Newfoundland. I have long experience in academic and administrative positions in my home country, Bangladesh. I have also completed PSDP at MUN. During my study period at MUN, I was actively involved in volunteering work in different communities like GSU, ISA, MSA, etc. TAUMUN is another window for volunteering opportunity to meet the people and share and exchange the idea with the people. I like travelling, volunteering and believe people are for the people.

Contact: mja731@mun.ca | Phone: (709)330-6336


First Vice-President: Rajit Sudilan Dayarathne

Rajith Sudilan Dayarathne is a Sri Lankan PhD candidate in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. He started his carrier at MUN as a master student and then converted to PhD with his academic and research excellence shown in first year. He has been elected as 1st Vice President TAUMUN at the AGM held on August 2015.He is also Vice President of Sri Lankan Student Association at MUN. Apart from these, he was able to show his leadership skills by involving with various activities. Rajith also volunteered in several occasions at MUN with academic and social events.

Contact: rsd038@mun.ca

Second Vice-President: Katherine Wenhui Ren

Katherine Ren is currently enrolling in the Master Program of Educational Leadership Studies at MUN, and she is pursuing her second degree in Performance and Communications Media. She also did Business Administration during her undergrad. She has been worked with TAUMUN since April 2015 and has participated various events in TAUMUN. She was a member of Business Association of Newfoundland as well as a member of GSU social events committee. Katherine has been actively involved in organizing and coordinating various leadership related activities. She is also a student advisor at CDEL (Career Development and Experiential Learning), and helped organizing various workshops for students in order to help students develop their soft skills and prepare for professional careers.

Contact: wr4036@mun.ca

Secretary-Treasurer: Suvra Chakraborty

Suvra Chakraborty is currently doing his Masters(M.Eng.) in Mechanical Engineering. Besides his study and research he has strong devotion for volunteering work through out his academic life. He is the current Computer and Web representative of Engineering Graduate Students' Society(EGSS) at MUN. He is also a active member of BSA(Bangladesh Student's Association)-MUN and had his opportunity to volunteer with several organisation like BSA, ISA etc. He did his bachelor degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET) where he also served as President of the organisation BADHAN (Voluntary Blood Donors Organisation).Suvra loves travelling and hiking.

Contact: sc8338@mun.ca

Member-at-Large: Bui Petersen

 Bui Petersen is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Business Administration. His research focuses on how different contexts influence the management of employers-union conflict. Originally from the Faroe Islands, Bui has lived in Newfoundland since 2008. He has served on the board of many community organizations and was one of the founding members of Happy City St. John’s. Having first served as a TAUMUN Steward, Bui was elected as an Executive Member-at-large in August 2015.

Contact: buip@mun.ca

Member-at-Large: Zohaib Hassan Farooqi

Zohaib Hassan Farooqi is a masters student at Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His research area is in Robotics and Control. Originally from Pakistan, Zohaib joined Memorial in 2014. From the beginning of his program, has always been actively involved in various events and programs on campus and volunteered on numerous occasions. He was elected as the Executive-at-Large at TAUMUN Executive Board in Annual General Meeting August, 2015. He showed his leadership skills at other organizations also, which includes MUN Mentor Program and Income Tax Volunteer with Internationalization Office (ISA). He is currently the Executive Committee member of Engineering Graduate Student's Society (EGSS). Beside these leadership roles, he has been actively involved in campus life by volunteering in academic and social events and also participating and organizing in personal and professional development sessions.

Contact: zhf322@mun.ca