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What is mindfulness?

Conscious and thoughtful awareness of the current moment, where you are open to new experiences and your current ones. (images: CMO and

Why is mindfulness beneficial for ADHD?

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If you have trouble focusing, mindfulness is a healthy and free way help your mind get back on track, as well as keep you calm and less impulsive. It also tones down hyperactivity and never takes super-long to do. It is encouraged to spend even as little as five minutes a day practicing mindfulness in some way, whether doing guided meditation, yoga, mindful eating (observing colors and tastes while biting slowly), coloring in an adult coloring book while listening to calming music, or deep breathing. 

Mindfulness resources(image:

The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD by Lidia Zylowska: This book features a variety of mindfulness techniques aimed at ADHD minds, with easy-to-follow instructions and a CD featuring audio recordings of the guided exercises. The mindfulness techniques explained in the book can be applied to individuals of all abilities, helping to alleviate stress and racing thoughts. (image: This website features interactive guided meditations for ADHD individuals that feature both audio and visual instructions, featuring all kinds of practices and contexts to use meditation. (image:

Headspace: An app available for iOS and Android that features meditations and mindfulness techniques of varying lengths for a variety of situations, including ten-day programs to improve focus on a certain area, such as happiness. (images:

Stop, Breathe and Think: A guided meditation app for iOS and Android that also features yoga and acupressure instructions, as well as a mindful journal feature, breathing timers for breaks, and recommendations for techniques based on your current mood. (image:

Mindfulness For Teens With ADHD by Debra Burdick and Lara Honos-Webb: A workbook featuring activities about goal-setting, distraction, and self-regulation in an ADHD context. The book is targeted at teenagers, but it is largely relevant for college students and adults because most of the sections are fairly universal. (image:

A sample mindfulness practice (taken from Lidia Zylowska's The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD):

  • Sit in an upright posture, but without strain: a posture of dignity.
  • Allow yourself to just sit and notice your breathing.
  • Imagine a mountain, and reflect on how strong and solid it is. 
  • Reflect on how the mountain is connected to the earth and has been standing there for thousands of years through rain, snow, wind, or sun.
  • Now imagine yourself as that mountain. Connect with a feeling of being solid and strong in your body's core.
  • Like a mountain, you can be grounded, no matter what swirls around you. You can watch an overwhelming feeling pass by you like rainy clouds passing the mountain.
  • As you sit, bring awareness to your breathing and silently repeat the following words:
  • "Breathing in, I see myself like a mountain."
  • "Breathing out, I feel solid and strong."
  • After a while, as you breathe, simply say in your mind:
  • "In...mountain."
  • "Out....solid and strong."
  • Repeat the phrases in your mind until you feel solid, strong and less overwhelmed. 

A video of a similar practice (clip: Jon Kabat-Zinn, posted by Shane Wilson):

Other mindfulness videos can be found on YouTube and other websites.(image:


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