Job Scam Tips

Our Job Board Disclaimer:

Jobs posted on the My MUNLife site are not owned by Career Development at Memorial University. Each employer is responsible for the interviewing, selecting and hiring of their potential employees. Students and Alumni are responsible for contacting the employer through the method indicated on the job posting. While Career Development does monitor the job postings, and reserves the right to not post a position, we encourage students and alumni to use their own discretion when applying to positions. These practices are in accordance to the guidelines set by Canadian Associations of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).

Please be aware that we CANNOT guarantee that all jobs in this module are legitimate (ie. not a scam). Under no circumstances should you ever be required to receive cheques from an employer that asks you to cash and return any portion to them; these are ALWAYS scams and should be reported immediately to Career Development at or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and\or the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary at (709) 729-8000.

Tips to protect yourself from job scams:

  • Do not send bank account/credit card details, or personal information to anyone that you don’t trust.
  • Never deposit cheques from an “employer” who asks that you deposit the cheque and return all or a portion of payment back to them.
  • Do not agree to pay any upfront fees to an “employer” before you have started working. Examples for such requests can include fees for: training, application processing, background checks, etc.
  • Be aware of job ads that promise substantial salaries for seemingly minimal work.
  • Exercise caution when applying for jobs with limited or vague job descriptions, or if you are offered a job without needing a resume or interview.
  • Do your research! Check to see if the company has an online presence and professional email address. Look for spelling errors in email addresses, contact names, phone numbers, etc.
  • If you suspect a job posting is fraudulent, notify as soon as possible with the job title and ID.

If you believe you have been the victim of a fraudulent job posting, report immediately to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and/or the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary at (709) 729-8000.


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