Circle Of Support

The Circle of Support team is activated to ensure that students who are in need of support are able to receive coordinated care and support in all relevant units within the University. This approach is designed to maximize overall wellness and academic success. The Circle of Support team is an inter-professional group of staff and faculty that provide expert supports and liaise with other parties as necessary. The team monitors the student’s behaviours and well-being throughout their program, or as long as deemed necessary, providing guidance to empower the student to thrive.

A Circle of Support team is an inter-professional group of University faculty and staff that collaborate to offer multi-tiered supports to students showing need for such support. The group typically consists of members from Student Support and Crisis Management (Student Life), Counselling and Wellness, and the student’s program or faculty. Representatives from other units within the University are included when necessary.

A Circle of Support team is initiated by the Coordinator, Student Support and Crisis Management when a student shows a need for various supports (mental health, academic, medical, case management). Often, students will present with behavioural concerns, safety concerns for themselves or others, or some kind of crisis that is greatly affecting their overall health and well-being (and possibly the health and well-being of those around them). The Coordinator, Student Support and Crisis Management, will assign a Student Support and Management Officer who will act as chair, will arrange all meetings, take detailed notes of meetings for the case management file, provide updates to the Coordinator of Student Support and Crisis Management or Director of Student Life as necessary, prepare timelines, submit incident reports, and follow-up on any action following the meeting.

The SSCM Officer will speak to the student regarding privacy and confidentiality of the Circle of Support and note this discussion in the student file. Ideally, this conversation will happen in the initial consultation meeting with the student.

All personal information about the student shared in the circle of support is kept strictly confidential and is shared only with the professionals within the circle of support who are instrumental to the student’s supports. Exceptions to this policy will be made if there is an imminent threat to the health and safety of the student or others and if authorized by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015, in which case personal information may be required to be disclosed.


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