I'll Use Your Pronouns

In Fall 2017, Student Life hosted the I’ll Use Your Pronouns campaign to help raise awareness and educate students, staff and faculty on the proper use of gender pronouns.


Trans 101 Workshop

During the workshop, the facilitators, Dr. Julie Temple Newhoock, Tj Jones, and Sara Pinsent, outlined prevailing myths about gender diversity, reviewed the research evidence for the shifting paradigm in care for gender diverse children, youth, and adults, and discussed local and national supports and resources for trans and gender diverse children, youth, adults, and their families. They also provided an in-depth question and answer session with case examples.

Pledge Tables

Members of the university community were given an opportunity to take a personal pledge to be more intentional in their use of gender pronouns.

Easy As Pie

A fun interactive game that helped participants practice using inclusive pronouns.

10 minute introduction, 10 minute question and answer, 30 minute activity (draw pronouns and talk to people using that pronoun), 10 min debrief.


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