Assessment Framework

Student Life understands that assessment is an iterative feedback process for continuous improvement and that the assessment cycle is an integral part of transformative education.

Assessment provides an ongoing mechanism for challenging tacit assumptions about the effectiveness of our programs and initiatives, identifying conflicting elements within the learning experiences we offer, and assuring student learning outcomes are met. Our approach to assessment involves four key steps:

  • Step one is to defineintended learning outcomes. More specifically, what do we want our students to know, do or value as a result of participating in the learning experiences wer offer?
  • Step two is to measure the extent to which participants achieve the learning outcomes.
  • Step three is to interpret the results to identify areas for improvement.
  • Step four is to use the identified areas for improvement to revise programing in order to increase student learning.

Student Life Assessment Plan for Continuous Improvement

Student Life is committed to providing the university community – most importantly, our students – with annual updates on our progress.

We have adopted a three-year assessment cycle to comprehensively assess each learning experience we offer. The assessment projects will measure the extent to which each learning experience meets the intended learning outcomes identified in the operational plan for the respective office.

Cycle OneCycle Two
Aboriginal Resource OfficeStudent SupportsIndigenous EducationCultural InitiativesStudent SupportsIndigenous EducationCultural Initiatives
Blundon CentreAccessible EducationStudent TransitionsAccessibility AwarenessAccessible EducationStudent TransitionsAccessibility Awareness
Career DevelopmentEmployer EngagementCareer Learning SeriesExperiential Learning Employer EngagementCareer Learning SeriesExperiential Learning
Director’s OfficeThriving QuotientMulti-Institutional Student of LeadershipNational Survey of Student EngagementThriving Quotient Multi-Institutional Student of LeadershipNational Survey of Student Engagement
International OfficeStudent SupportsIntercultural & International InitiativesOutreachStudent SupportsIntercultural  InitiativesOutreach
Student Experience OfficeNew Student ExperienceCommunity Engaged LearningLeadership DevelopmentNew Student ExperienceCommunity Engaged LearningLeadership Development
Student SupportStudent SupportsStudent Code of ConductWellbeing EducationStudent SupportsStudent Code of ConductWellbeing Education


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