• At the time of first registration, each master's student must select a payment plan, for which they are eligible. The payment plans for graduate diploma and doctoral students are fixed.
    • For master’s students, full-time graduate students in eligible one-year programs are initially charged fees under payment plan C.
    • In all other cases, full-time master’s students are initially charged program fees under payment plan A.
    • Part-time master’s students are initially charged program fees under payment plan B.
    • For transfer of program to master’s degrees, full-time students would be charged under payment plan A and part-time students under payment plan B.

  • The payment plan can only be changed in the first semester of study (please email sgs@mun.ca if you wish to change your payment plan in your first semester of study). After the first semester, the payment plan will remain in effect for the duration of the student's program and cannot be changed. Please note that changing full-time / part-time status after one commences their program will not result in any adjustment in payment plans.

  • Fees at Memorial University are charged on a semester-by-semester basis and reflect the cost of the program and not, for example, the number of required courses, etc. Courses taken over and above those required for the program are charged at the undergraduate per-course rate (permission from the appropriate graduate officer is required to take a non-program course). Students are liable for any increase in fees during their program.

  • Please note that if a program takes longer to complete than the number of semester fees payable, a continuance fee is charged for each additional semester required (e.g., Payment Plan A chosen but eight semesters required to complete the program requires payment of six semester fees and two continuance fees). If a program takes less time to complete than the number of semester fees payable, the remaining semester fees must be paid on program completion, for example: 1) Payment Plan A chosen but program completed in four semesters; requires payment of the remaining two semester fees; 2) Doctoral program completed in ten semesters; requires payment of the remaining two semester fees.
  • Tuition and all related fees are due when a student registers. This includes the fees for the upcoming semester and any outstanding fees from previous semesters. To avoid a late payment penalty, please ensure that fees are paid by the fee payment deadline as listed in the University Diary. If you are eligible to opt out of the recreation fee, complete and submit the appropriate form.
  • Memorial’s Board of Regents has approved the suspension of two student fees for the Spring 2021 semester. Memorial students will not be charged the Distance Education Administration Fee and Recreation Fee for the Spring 2021 semester.

  • Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for information fees payment. Graduate students who wish to have their tuition paid from their bi-weekly financial support can now request the service online through Memorial University Self-Service. In such cases, your semester program and ancillary fees will be allocated over the number of pay periods available within a given semester and will be deducted from your bi-weekly support. To sign up for payroll deductions through Self-Service, students may click on the “Employee Services” tab and then the “Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Request.”
  • Graduate student funding is paid biweekly over the course of the year (eg. 26 instalments). Graduate students receiving funding can choose to enroll in a biweekly payroll deduction to automatically deduct tuition and fees from their funding. Graduate students signing up for payroll deductions must do so every semester. Current students already on funding will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions 24 hours after they register. New students will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes. All graduate students must complete their online submissions before the last day to register (two weeks after the start of classes). To avoid late fees, students should pay fees, or sign up for payroll deduction, by the deadline dates noted in the Academic Calendar. After the last day to register, you will not be able to sign up for payroll deductions until the following semester.
  • Graduate students have the option of having payments deposited directly to their bank account. To do this, a Canadian bank account must be set up, and a direct deposit form completed and returned to your department for processing.

  • Please note that program fees are not waived at any time, including cases where graduate students are enrolled in research programs and offered funding.
  • If eligible, opt out of health or dental insurance plans using opt-out forms available through the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) by the appropriate deadline (refer to the Graduate Students' Union website for more information). All registered international graduate students are automatically enrolled in an emergency health insurance plan. However, you may meet eligibility requirements to opt out of the mandatory plan. Please see the Internationalization Office website for details.



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