Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research

Prepared for the Association of American Medical Colleges by
Stanley G. Korenman, M.D., Associate Dean for Ethics and Medical Scientist Training
University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine and
Allan C. Shipp, Senior Staff Associate
Association of American Medical Colleges
with the oversight and contribution of the
AAMC Ad Hoc Committee on Misconduct and Conflict of Interest in Research Subcommittee on Teaching research Ethics
and Support from the
National Institutes of Health

Reproduced and distributed with permission from Anthony Mazzaschi, Director of CAS Affairs, Assistant VP for Biomedical and Health Sciences Research, Association of American Medical Colleges.

Table of Contents

  1. Conducting Research
    1. Data Selection and Retention, Case A1, Case A2, Case A3, Case A4, Case A5
  2. Reporting Research
    1. Reporting Preliminary Results, Case B1
    2. Fragmented Publication, Case B2
    3. Criteria for Authorship and Attribution, Case B3
    4. Courtesy Authorship, Case B4
    5. Appropriating the Ideas of Others, Case B5
    6. Plagiarism, Case B6, Case B7
    7. Failure to Attribute Credit, Case B8
  3. Peer Review
    1. Reviewing Research Grant Applications, Case C1
    2. Reviewing Submissions to Journals, Case C2
  4. Handling Research Data, Materials, and Proprietary Information
    1. Ownership of Research Materials, Case D1
    2. Use of Confidential or Proprietary Information, Case D2, Case D3
  5. Mentoring and Laboratory Supervision
    1. Laboratory Selection, Case E1
    2. Diversity, CaseE2
  6. Misconduct in Research
    1. Dealing with Suspicions of Misconduct (Mega-Case), Case F1
    2. Dealing with Suspicions of Misconduct (Short Case), Case F2
    3. Shared Interest/Responsibility,Case F3
  7. Conflicts of Interest
    1. Conflicts of Interest, Case G1, Case G2
  8. Human Subjects/Clinical Research
    1. Informed Consent—Diminished Competency, Case H1
    2. Endpoints for Clinical Trials, Case H2
    3. Expanded Access to Investigational New Drug, Case H3
    4. Physician as Researcher—Conflicting Roles, Case H4
  9. Animals in Research
    1. Animals in Research, Case I1, Case I2
  10. Gene Therapy, Genetic Testing, and Uses of Genetic Information
    1. Gene Therapy, Case J1
    2. Genetic Testing and Uses of Genetic Information, Case J2, Case J3
Appendix A: Cross-Index of Cases


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