SGS ROCKStar Supervisor Award

In the fall of 2019, the School of Graduate Studies started a new annual award to celebrate outstanding faculty supervisors. We asked all units with graduate programs to formulate their own nomination process, one that included the input of graduate students. The result of that process is that these 15 faculty members have been selected by their home academic unit to be one of the inaugural SGS ROCKStar Supervisors. This recognition testifies to the care and dedication they offer graduate students every day, and we are very pleased to celebrate them and their work.

A “rockstar” is someone who is admired, respected, sought after, and delivers on their product. This expression might conjure up imagery of musicians who’ve had long and distinguished careers; however, the term also applies to other professionals with stellar qualities – someone with integrity, a proven ability to get things done, a passion for their craft, and a desire to mentor up and coming stars. We know Memorial’s ROCKStar supervisors are known for their mentorship, their passion for student success, and their abilities to support students to be better. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the 2019-2020 SGS ROCKStar Supervisors, wearing their Rockstar hats.

Thank you for everything you do for graduate students at Memorial University.

Kara Arnold, Faculty of Business Administration

Carissa Brown, Department of Geography

Cathryn Button, Department of Psychology

Duane Button, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

Sherri Christian, Department of Biochemistry

Kelly Hawboldt, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Fran Kerton, Department of Chemisty

Shawn Leroux, Department of Biology

Joy Maddigan, School of Nursing

Lisa Moore, Department of English

Daryl Pullman, Interdisciplinary PhD

Matthew Rise, Department of Ocean Sciences, Aquaculture

Paul Snelgrove, Department of Ocean Sciences

Anand Yethiraj, Department of Physics and Physcial Oceanography

Guangju Zhai, Faculty of Medicine



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