Record Retention

Only records from a formal investigation are retained by the Sexual Harassment Office.  In cases where the investigation did find that sexual harassment occurred the Advisor keeps on file all materials pertaining to the complaint until all deadlines for appeal or grievance have passed or twelve (12) months have elapsed, whichever is longer. At the end of this period, if no appeal or grievance was initiated, all materials pertaining to the complaint and investigation shall be placed in the relevant personal files for that period provided in the applicable collective agreement, the university regulations with respect to students and for two (2) years with respect to all others. The Advisor will request that all documents and materials, including copies, pertaining to the formal complaint and investigative process be returned to the Advisor from the President's office and the Investigator. The Advisor will destroy any and all other copies of these documents and materials.

In cases where it is determined that sexual harassment did not occur, the Advisor shall keep on file all materials pertaining to the complaint and the investigation in their office until all deadlines for formal appeal or grievance have passed or twelve (12) months have elapsed whichever is longer. The Advisor can refer complainants and/or respondents to the appropriate appeals procedure for their constituency upon request. When all deadlines for appeal have elapsed or when appeals are concluded, the Advisor shall destroy all records.

In cases where a complainant or respondent appeals or grieves a decision or the penalties imposed and the appeal or arbitration does not conclude that sexual harassment occurred, all materials are returned to the Sexual Harassment Office and destroyed by the Advisor. The complainant or the respondent may request that a copy of the investigative report be placed in their own personal file in Human Resources if one exists.


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