Digest of Senate Decrees and Resolutions


This Digest, which has been prepared as a reference for members of the University community, is a summary of Senate decrees and resolutions from September 1969 until June 2014. These decrees and resolutions are listed in alphabetic sequence and include a heading, a Senate reference and the text of the Senate Minutes. The Senate reference, which shows the page number and date of the Senate Minutes from which the text is taken, is included after each heading. In cases where an earlier Senate decree is rescinded, the earlier decree may simply be listed with a heading, the Senate reference and a note referring the reader to the latest decree.

This document is not intended to replace Senate Minutes or Senate files and should be used with the knowledge that Senate may at any time change or amend the policies contained herein.

1st edition -- October 1980

2nd edition -- January 1983

3rd edition -- November 1984

4th edition -- January 1986

5th edition -- November 1988

6th edition -- November 1990

7th edition -- October 1992

8th edition -- September 2007

9th edition -- August 2010

10th edition -- August 2011

11th edition -- August 2012

12th edition -- July 2013

13th edition -- July 2014

14th edition -- July 2015

15th edition -- July 2016

16th edition -- July 2017

The Digest is available here as a PDF document.





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