Academic Unit Planning Committee


Ms. Beverly Fleet


Mr. Keith Matthews, Interim Director of CIAP

Membership until August 31
Walsh, Charlene (Marine Institute)2022 *
Abhyankar, Sudhir (Grenfell Campus)2020
Dorward, Ann (Medicine)2020
Kendall, Ed (Radiology)2020 (Senator)
McLaughlin, Katherine (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU))2020 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU))2020 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (GCSU))2020 (April 30)
Yang, Min (Graduate Student (GSU))2020 (April 30)
Director, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) or delegate
1. Membership

(a) Six faculty members, including at least one representative from each of the St. John’s, Grenfell and Marine Institute campuses. At least one member must also sit as a member of Senate.

(b) Three undergraduate students, one appointed by the Memorial University Students’ Union, one by the Marine Institute Students’ Union, and one by the Grenfell Campus Student Union.

(c) One graduate student to be appointed by the Graduate Students’ Union.

(d) Director, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) or delegate, Secretary of the Committee.

2. Governing Procedures

(a) The members of the Committee shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson in September each year from the faculty members appointed to the Committee.

(b) The Committee shall meet at least once each semester but will normally meet monthly from September to June.

(c) A quorum for the conduct of business shall be five members with at least three faculty members in attendance.

(d) CIAP will maintain a secretariat for the Committee, arranging meetings, and serving as a repository for all completed Academic Unit Planning material.

3. Scope

(a) Academic Unit Planning will apply to all academic units on all campuses of Memorial University.

4. Terms of Reference

(a) The Committee shall monitor the administration of the academic unit planning (AUP) process and related procedures, in accordance with the Senate Policies and the Procedures for the Review of Academic Units, with a modified process for professional units and programs with accreditation processes.

(b) The Committee will receive all completed reviews and any follow-up reports or updates and acknowledge receipt of same. The Committee will provide feedback to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or designate as to whether or not the review has been conducted in accordance with procedures, and if there are issues in the review that should be addressed. A copy of the Committee’s feedback will be provided to the academic unit.

(c) The Committee shall oversee and approve the schedule of reviews as developed by the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) in consultation with the academic deans or appropriate designates.

(d) The Committee shall provide direction regarding issues that may arise that are not addressed in the formal procedures.

(e) The Committee shall report to Senate regularly each year on the operation of the Policies and Procedures, including advice on their possible revision.

(f) The Committee shall oversee a review of the Academic Unit Planning process and associated processes at least every ten years. The Committee shall develop terms of reference for the review; undertake university-wide consultation and, should the Committee feel it necessary, for a subcommittee to undertake or support the review process; review results of the consultation process and identify changes necessitated by the review process; prepare a final report for Senate outlining the results of the review process and make recommendations for change(s) should any arise as a result of the review.



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