Science Career Networking Event: Panel and Speed Networking- September.29th, 2015

Ready, Set, Connect: A Science Career Networking Event- Panel and Speed Networking
September.29th, 2015

Science students (undergraduate/ graduate students) will have an opportunity to practice pitching their skills and experiences to employers from various companies in the science field, while learning about the various organizations that hire students/ graduates with science backgrounds.

During the event, there will be a panel discussion with a Q & A option then students and participating employers will be matched up at tables and get acquainted. The students will move to another table approximately every 10 minutes to meet another employer(s) at the next table until all students have met all employers. There will be time left during the end of the event for students and employers to continue networking and exchange business cards/ contact information if desired. 

Rod White
Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Mr. White Cofounded Stratos Global Corporation, now called Immarsat and cofounded Consillient Technologies.

Danny Boyce
Graduate Diplomas in Aquaculture and Fisheries Development, Marine Institute
Master of Science (Aquaculture)

Mr. Boyce was the Facilities and Business Manager of the Dr. Brown Aquatic Research Building at the Department of Ocean Sciences. He was also the Director of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association’s Board (Treasurer).

Jaime Collins
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science, Minor: Mathematics)
Senior Programmer Analyst, Johnson Inc.

Angie Clarke
Biochemistry and Nutrition, Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies)
Director of Student Affairs, Marine Institute
Jody Burke
Bachelor of Science (Honors)- Cell, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Quality Management, Marine Institute
Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies)
Coordinator of Advanced Programs, Marine Institute

Robert Trenholm
Master of Science, P. Engineering
Chair Food Programs
Instructor School of Fisheries, Marine Institute

Kimberly Robertson
Bachelor's degree, Post-Secondary Education
Master's degree, Environmental Engineering and Applied Science
Advanced Diploma, Food Safety
Instructor of Chemistry, Statistics, and Environmental Policy courses, Marine Institute


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