Pandemic teaching by the numbers

Jul 21st, 2021

Dr. Kelly Shorlin

Dr. Kelly Shorlin
Pandemic teaching by the numbers

Memorial employees have consistently risen to challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Memorial is featuring some of those stories, including the one below submitted by the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography's Dr. Kelly Shorlin, on a new website, Exemplary together.

• 683 undergraduate students (many of them brand spanking new to MUN)

• 5 physics courses (taught online for the first time ever)

• 180 remotely delivered asynchronous lectures (thank you YouTube)

• 120 hours of live online problem solving (I never want to hear that entry tone on Webex again!)

• 2 online sessions interrupted by my husband singing at the top of his lungs to the dog (I married a musical man!)

• 6 snowdays given (yes, snowdays, even when working from home -- who doesn’t love a snowday?)

• 12 square foot home office carved from the corner of a 120 square foot bedroom (above mentioned dog within arm’s reach at all times)

• 4 ugly cries on very hard days (please tell me it’s not just me)

• 174 lunchtime walks with my dog (quiet moments to regain my equilibrium)

• 3 sunburns while working from my patio (also known as the outdoor office)

• 455 large, black, dark roast coffees from Second Cup (shoutout to barista Mike at the Avalon Mall location, he’s the best!)

• 3 new sets of headphones

• 12 hours of CITL instructional development sessions (where would I be without the CITL crew? as always, they have gone far above and beyond the call of duty)

• 4561 emails (oh, the emails!)

• 3922 Snapchat messages to answer physics questions (apparently, I’m cool because I can use Snapchat)

• 19 physics prizes delivered to students who rose to the challenge (any student in any of my classes wins a prize if they study some physics every single day of the semester)

• 51 lovely messages from students thanking me for doing my best

• And, finally, 1 department who has supported me every step of the way!