Not one, but two, 2021 Loran Scholars at Memorial

Nov 24th, 2021

Elizabeth Furey

Memorial University has not one, but two, Loran Scholars this year.

Malorie Osmond and Madison Malloy are two of the 30 Loran Scholars for 2021, having been selected from 72 finalists and more than 6,000 applicants.

The Loran Scholars Foundation, established in 1988, is a national charity that works with universities, donors and volunteers across the country to find and nurture young people who demonstrate the qualities and values of the foundation, including integrity, compassion, determination and a high level of personal autonomy.

The scholarship is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive undergraduate merit-based award, valued at $100,000 over four years.

Extraordinary opportunities

Ms. Osmond is originally from Fogo Island and Ms. Malloy is from Youngs Cove, N.B.

“I’m excited … for the abundance of life experience that I would otherwise never have had available to me.”— Malorie Osmond

Ms. Osmond is currently pursuing a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Ms. Malloy is working towards a bachelor of science degree in ocean sciences here at Memorial.

“I decided to apply for the Loran Award after my guidance counsellor told me about it and after doing some research and learning it was more than a monetary award,” said Ms. Osmond.

“I’m excited to get the opportunity to work outside my province every summer and for the abundance of life experience that I would otherwise never have had available to me if not for this award.”

Ms. Malloy echoes that sentiment, saying she’s grateful for the extraordinary opportunities the she knows she is capable of achieving, thanks in part to the Loran Scholars Foundation.

“The values that the Loran Foundation hold align with my own that I’m working towards in my life,” she said. “They truly value the potential of the individual and I respect that.”


‘Still surreal’

Both women say they enjoy the energy of their fellow scholars and are inspired by their peers and mentors.

“Being part of the latest cohort of scholars is still surreal for me,” said Ms. Malloy. “It pushes me to understand myself and what motivates me so that I can better use my privileges to help others.”

“I have an amazing group of fellow Loran Scholars, I have access to phenomenal support, and the people at the Loran foundation are very welcoming and supportive.”

Ms. Osmond and Ms. Malloy are the sixth and seventh Loran Scholars to attend Memorial University.

They join three other Loran Scholars currently pursuing the undergraduate studies at Memorial: Jesalyn Tremblay (2018 Rebanks Loran Scholar), Lydia Hardy (2020 Johnston Loran Scholar), and Tara Cashen (2018 BMO Capital Markets Loran Scholar).

“I’m glad to be at Memorial so I can stay connected to who I am.”— Madison Malloy

Ms. Osmond says being a recipient has opened her eyes to a world of options that she hadn’t considered before.

“To me, being one of the newest Loran Scholars means that the world is at my fingertips. I get to explore Canada, meet a plethora of people, all while getting an outstanding education.”

Choosing to receive her education at Memorial was an easy decision for her.

“Memorial has one of the best nursing programs in the country, and during the pandemic it was one of few universities that reopened to in-person classes this fall. I chose nursing because it is a rewarding career. I love to help people and care for them.”

Chosen paths

Ms. Malloy’s reasons for pursing ocean sciences at Memorial are similar to Ms. Osmond’s. She says she’s glad to be in a place where she could immerse herself in the community.

“Memorial University has an outstanding reputation in the field of ocean sciences. There is a lot of exciting research taking place in the field of marine science, and being so close to the ocean, nature and city life, I’m glad to be at Memorial so I can stay connected to who I am while still experiencing new things.”