The Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship

Memorial University of Newfoundland and its Alumni Association have established these scholarships to honor former University President, Dr. Leslie Harris, and to recognize excellence of our students. Several scholarships, valued at a minimum of $16,000.00 ($4,000.00 annually for up to 4 years) will be awarded annually and may be renewed if first class and scholarship standing are maintained. These scholarships are tenable in all undergraduate programs at the University and will be awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid.

2005-2006 Winners

Meghan Cooze

Program of Study: B.Sc Chemistry

What the scholarship means to her: Winning my scholarship really encouraged me to do well at Memorial, as well as giving me a sense of accomplishment and pride in my hard work during high school. It is one of my greatest achievements thus far!



Laura Critch

Program of Study: Kinesiology

What the scholarship means to her: It was indeed an honour to be a recipient of the Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Scholarship. This scholarship provides me with an added incentive to strive for excellence in my studies. It will also reduce my debt load as I pursue my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. I am very grateful for this distinguished scholarship.


Nakita Hickey

Program of Study: Nursing

What the scholarship means to her: Winning the Dr. Leslie Harris Scholarship has greatly impacted my life. Not only does it completely cover the cost of my tuition and books for MUN, an unbelievable help I might add, it has given recognition for my achievements out of high school and is payment for long hours or hard work and dedication to the furthering of my education. It gives me the incentive to work harder at MUN in order to keep my scholarship. Scholarships such as the one I received, help to give students, especially those fresh out of high school, an extra boost of confidence and a more positive outlook for their future at Memorial University and wherever their lives may take them afterwards. I would like to personally thank the scholarship committee at Memorial University for recognizing my achievements and giving me the chance to attend the university with an added confidence and high expectations for myself. The impact of winning such a scholarship has opened a lifetime of opportunities.

Stephanie Hynes

Program of Study: B.Sc Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience)

What the scholarship means to her: To me, the award meant a whole lot more then just money. It was recognition for all my hard work. The scholarship was and still is a big help to my university finances, allowing me to presume a career I enjoy. It was a great honour to be chosen for this scholarship and I will always be grateful to the university for the opportunity they gave me!

Amy Reckling

Program of Study: B.Sc Physics/Chemistry (Joint Honours)

What the scholarship means to her: This scholarship has meant a great deal to me. It not only incites me to do well in school, but to feel that I can take the time to figure out what it is that I really want to do, without having to stress about where the money will come from.



Andrew Stewart

Program of Study: B.Sc Pure Mathematics 

What the scholarship means to him: The Dr. Leslie Harris Scholarship allows me to focus on my study instead of my monetary situation. Since I don’t have to work or get a loan, I can spend more time working and I know that I can enter grad-school debt free. It is also a satisfying reward for the effort I put in to school and allows me to endeavor in sports such as whitewater kayaking, which is normally financially difficult for students.

Alicia Walsh

Program of Study: Nursing

What the scholarship means to her: It has been such a great honour to be a recipient of the Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship. Not only has this award provided financial assistance for my education, it has also shown me that working hard academically and being involved in your community proves to be very rewarding. This scholarship has allowed me to recognize my strengths and abilities as an individual, while instilling in me the confidence I need to be successful in reaching my goals and pursuing my dreams.

Jarratt Rose

Program of Study: B.Sc Biochemistry

What the scholarship means to him: Receiving the Dr. Leslie Harris Scholarship was a great feeling entering into Memorial. It lets you realize that your hard work is recognized by others and that if you set goals and put your mind to it, you can succeed at almost anything. I plan to finish a degree in Biochemistry and someday apply to medical school to become a family physician.


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