The Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship

2014-2015 Winners

Amber Tremblett

Program of Study: BA

I accept this scholarship graciously, as it has had a tremendous impact on my family and myself. It has given us the freedom to focus on my future without the burden of finance. This scholarship has further encouraged me to work hard, as I pursue my passion for writing by starting a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English.



Erin O’Brien

Program of Study: B.Sc

Receiving the Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship is a tremendous honour. It validates your hard work and dedication to academic excellence, athletics, community involvement, and leadership. This scholarship will allow me to focus on the most important aspect of university –learning.




Michael McWhirter

Program of Study: B.Sc

The award inspires me to strive for excellence like never before; it provides me with the funds necessary to properly focus on my education. With this, I hope to make a difference in the world the same way this scholarship made a difference in my life.




Jade Roberts

Program of Study: Nursing

I am a first year student in the Bachelor of Nursing program, and in my future I hope to complete a degree in medicine. I am very appreciative of this prestigious scholarship. This award represents the hard work I have put into my education thus far and motivates me to continue to strive academically. This scholarship enables me to attend university without having financial concerns.



Whitney Willcott-Benoit

Program of Study: B.Sc

After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I wish to continue my studies and hopefully one day, become a doctor of Psychology. This scholarship has impacted me greatly because it has given me the opportunity to further my education here at Memorial University of Newfoundland.




Kendra Willcott-Benoit

Program of Study: Human Kinetics and Recreation

After completing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, I plan on attending medical school, and hopefully one day will become a doctor. This scholarship has greatly impacted me because it has provided me the opportunity to further my education here at Memorial University of Newfoundland for which I am truly grateful.



David Grainger

Program of Study: Engineering

It is an incredible honour to be one of the recipients of this prestigious scholarship. The financial security it offers me for my studies cannot be understated. I hope to graduate with the Engineering class of 2019 and figure out which discipline I wish to join along the way.



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