The Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance Scholarship

2017-2018 Winners

L_Battcock   Luke Battcock

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Arts

I am thankful to be one of the recipients of the Memorial University Alumni Scholarship. As I move forward with my plans to study political science at MUN, I recognize that this scholarship helps to reduce my financial burden and enable me to remain steadily involved in my community.

M_Coombs   Michael Coombs

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Science

I am a first-year student at Memorial University with the pleasure of receiving this scholarship. Currently, I am studying science with the goal of pursuing Pharmacy. This scholarship has not only alleviated any financial burdens, but has made my future plans more reachable for which I am extremely grateful.

J_Humby   Julianna Humby

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Science

I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at Grenfell campus. After completing my science degree, I hope to pursue a career in research. I am extremely grateful to have received such a prestigious award as it allows me to further my love of science without financial worry.

M_Kieley   Megan Kieley

Program of Study: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

I am both honoured and thankful to be the recipient of such a prestigious award. This accolade not only provides financial stability, but validates all of the hard work and dedication I put into my academic and community, which is what I plan on continuing while pursuing my degree.

O_Perry   Olivia Perry

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Science

The Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Scholarship serves as a reminder that diligence pays off. I am beginning a Bachelor of Science in the hopes of being granted admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. This award has helped to equip me to pursue my studies with a sense of prowess. I am eternally grateful.

A_Luther   Andrew Luther

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Music

I am sincerely honoured to have been selected as the recipient of this generous award. I am currently studying music and plan to do a piano performance major. I have a passion for music, and this scholarship will motivate me to work hard and complete this degree with less financial stress.

M_Williams   Matthew Williams

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Science

I am a graduate of Gander Collegiate. I am completing a Bachelor of Science with a major in applied mathematics, and I am grateful to Memorial University for awarding me this scholarship. It will allow me to pursue my studies with a decreased financial burden to myself and my family.

N_Power   Nicholas Power

   Program of Study: Doctor of Pharmacy

I am in my first year of studies in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Memorial University. I am very grateful to have been awarded the prestigious Memorial University Alumni Scholarship which will help support me in the pursuit of my studies by lessening the financial demands on me. I am honoured by this award and I will continue to be motivated to work hard and be successul with my educational goals at MUN, thank you to the Scholarship committee for this great opportunity!

C_Gillard   Coady Gillard

   Program of Study: Bachelor of Science

I would like to thank the Scholarship Committee and Memorial University for honouring me with this prestigious scholarship. It allows me to complete my education without worrying about financial constraints. This year I am studying prerequisite courses with the goal of being accepted to the School of Pharmacy.


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