Awards Administered by other Authorities

The following scholarships are not specific to, and are not administered by, Memorial University. Therefore, students are responsible for researching eligibility criteria and deadlines.

Association of Registered Nurses Newfoundland and Labrador(ARNNL) Education and Research Trust Scholarship and Bursary Program

The ARNNL Education and Research Trust is a registered charity that offers scholarships and bursaries to students enrolled in the BN program and ARNNL members (RNs) enrolled in post-basic BN, Masters and Doctoral programs.  The ARNNL Education and Research Trust has established a scholarship and bursary program for students enrolled in a Bachelor of nursing Program at Newfoundland and Labrador School of Nursing, and for Registered Nurses pursuing continuing education at the baccalaureate, master and doctorate levels. The awards range in value from $500 to $2000.  Information and application forms maybe obtained from the Education and Research Trust website or by contacting

AbbVie IBD Scholarship

Did you know that Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are most frequently diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 30, with the typical onset being in the early 20s? A recent study found that 69% of people who had Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis when they were young were delayed in completing their post-secondary education.  The AbbVie IBD Scholarship Program recognizes the obstacles faced by students living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and supports them in rising above their personal challenges in pursuit of their dreams.  Supported by an educational grant from AbbVie, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada will extend 10 one-time scholarships of up to $5,000 to students living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis who are entering into or currently attending a post-secondary educational institution for the fall semester of 2019. The AbbVie IBD Scholarship is a competitive bursary.  Application deadline is June 1, 2020  See website  for more details.

Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant Scholarhip (ALNC) Certification with the ALNC Marketing Tool Kit (Valued at $3,995)

Applicant must be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with one year of experience. Current or past enrollment in a BSN or MSN program is a plus, but not required. Application Deadline: July 1st and December 1st. Awards Available:  1 Per Year. See website for details

Alligatortek Scholarship

alligatortek is a Chicago based custom software development firm that specializes in designing elegant solutions to complex data, web, and mobile applications. These solutions address process bottlenecks to improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line for clients. alligatortek opens the possibilities for new strategies and business opportunities with software technologies.  alligatortek is awarding a $1,500 scholarship to a current or prospective college student that submits a winning essay on the topic:  Why is technology important to you?
● Describe a time when you tried to design a unique solution to a problem you encountered.  Deadline to apply is August 15, 2019.  Please see website for more details.

Robert Allan Memorial Scholarship in Naval Architecture

A scholarship fund for students wishing to pursue a professional career in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering was created in 1982 by a bequest from the late Robert F. Allan, noted Vancouver Naval Architect, and supported by his friends and colleagues.  The student must have been a British Columbia resident for not less than two years prior to application, or for two years prior to enrolling in any of the courses defined below (Note: In the absence of suitably qualified applicants from B.C., the committee will consider applications from qualified students from other parts of Canada). Annual deadline is June 30th. Do not e-mail scholarship applications – mail or courier only.  Please see website for more details.

Building Brighter Futures Scholarships Program for Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs

Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.  Various deadline dates. See website to apply for various scholarships and deadlines.

The Canadian Academy of Engineering Bruce Aubin SAE Aerospace Design Award and William G. Belfry Memorial SAE Scholarships

In recognition of the importance of transportation and mobility design engineering for the future of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) has partnered with the SAE Foundation Canada to offer an undergraduate scholarship in transportation and mobility engineering and an award for university students’ outstanding aerospace design. The CAE Bruce Aubin SAE Aerospace Design Award will be valued at $800, and the CAE William G. Belfry Memorial SAE Scholarships is $2000. The award and scholarship will be given annually to top engineering students from across Canada. Please see website for more details for next year's scholarship.

CUPE Local 1615 Scholarships

We are now accepting applications for the CUPE 1615 Scholarships! Every year we award 10 scholarships to deserving students. The process is open to the children and spouses of current members of local 1615. Applicants must have at least a 65% average in their previous full-time semester. Please include a transcript of your marks with your application. If your transcript lists letter grades only (e.g. A+, A etc.) you are required to include a numerical value of the grades used by the institution (e.g. A+=90-100 etc.). Scholarship selection is based on academic achievement only. See website for more details.

Canadian Armed Forces University Training Plans

Selected students may qualify for financial assistance through these Canadian Armed Forces University Training Plans: Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), Dental Officer Training Plan (DOTP), Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP), Reserve Entry Scheme-Officers (RESOP). Please click on website for additional information on Entry Plans.  Anyone looking to speak with a recruiter about CAF University training plans can contact 1-800-856-8488 (This number will put callers in contact with a recruiting center based on Area code.)  Recruiting Centres near you can be located at:Detachment St John’s, 165 Duckworth Street, 5th Floor, PO Box 2028, St. John's, NL, A1C-6B5 or call 1(709) 570-4807 Or Detachment Corner Brook (open three days a month) 1-3 Union Street, Suite 104 PO Box 817, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador A2H-5M7 or call 1(709) 637-4595/4593

Canadian Hydrographic Student Award

We are a non-profit, scientific and technical group of more than 200 members with the objective of:  advancing the development of hydrography, marine cartography and associated activities in Canada;  furthering the knowledge and professional development of its members;enhancing and demonstrating the public need for hydrography;assisting in the development of hydrographic sciences in developing countries.enabling Industry, Academia and others engaged in or interested in hydrography and related sciences to meet, correspond, and coordinate their efforts in the continuing development, promotion, and improvement of such sciences.  Please note the criteria for eligibility has changed, students must have a hydrographic or oceanographic component in their studies.  The closing date for applications is June 30 every year. Applications postmarked after that date will not be accepted.  Please click here to download the application and it would need to be sent to:  Kirsten Greenfield Committee Chair, Canadian Hydrographic Association Student Award, 4900 Yonge St., 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6A6 or FAX: (416) 512-5830 •

Canadian Nurses Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships

The Canadian Nurses Foundation is proud to offer more than 50 scholarships in support of nursing education. Scholarship awards are limited to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are studying in Canada at a Canadian university or college. Certain awards have additional eligibility criteria. Award value or availability may change without notice. The application process is online only.  See website for more details or email

Canadian Paraplegic Association Scholarships 
Donald E. Curren Scholarship Fund

The Donald E. Curren Scholarship was created by the many friends and admirers of Donald E. Curren, the founder and first Executive Director of the Atlantic Division of the Canadian Paraplegic Association and Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia) herein known as CPA (NS). He served as Executive Director from 1952 to 1984.  Applications are accepted from persons living with a mobility disability, with preference given to persons living with spinal cord injury (quadriplegia or paraplegia). They must be attending a post secondary school (university, college, technical school) in the Atlantic Provinces. The scholarships will be awarded on merit, academic standing, and on such other criteria as the Selection Committee may determine. Recipients must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and residents of the Atlantic Provinces.  Value of Award - The maximum value of the scholarship will depend on number of applications received.  Please email or call  1-800-889-1889.  Deadline is September 30th. Applicants can reapply. See website for details

The Wanderer’s Amateur Athletic Scholarship

The Wanderer's Amateur Athletic Club was, by far, the most distinguished athletic Club in Halifax. Comprised of great athletes and members, the club became known throughout North America. When it was disbanded, the remaining members donated some of its assets to Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia) herein known as CPA (NS) to provide funding for students with a spinal cord injury who are involved in some aspect of sport.  Eligible applicants must meet ALL requirements listed:  Must be living with a mobility disability; Must use a wheelchair for mobility; Preference given to person living with a spinal cord injury (quadriplegia or paraplegia); Reside in Atlantic Canada; Currently attending or planning to attend a post-secondary institution in the Atlantic Provinces.  Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrant.  Involved in organized sports either as a participant, official, junior official, coach, manager or trainer. Have a minimum of a “C” average.  The scholarships will be awarded on merit, academic standing and on such other criteria as the Selection Committee may determine. Recipients must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and residents of the Atlantic Provinces.  The maximum value of the scholarship will depend on number of applications received. Please email or call 1-800-889-1889. Deadline is September 30th. See website for more details 

Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
Peter Kohler Scholarship - A Scholarship Fund for Engineering Students in Atlantic Canada

Born in Germany, Peter Kohler moved to Canada at the age of 23 to study Mechanical Engineering at Queens University. In 1977, he started a cellulose insulation firm in Debert, Nova Scotia. Around the same time, Peter introduced vinyl windows and doors to the construction industry. Mr. Kohler’s business acumen, commitment to the highest standards of quality and unrelenting pursuit of product innovation positioned his company, Kohler Windows, as an industry leader. Today, Peter Kohler is considered to be a pioneer in the window and door industry in Canada.  To be eligible for this award, applicants must be graduating from high school in June 2019 and entering their first year of full-time studies in an Engineering Program at a University in Atlantic Canada in September 2019.    Applicants will be adjudicated upon the basis of their financial need and academic standing. The award is valued at $50,000, distributed over a period of four years, provided the student maintains a satisfactory grade point average and maintains a full time status. The award will be applied directly to the recipient’s student account at the University they are attending. The Donor reserves the right to award scholarships on a more or less frequent basis as income levels and the Foundation permits.  The deadline for applications is Dec. 31. See website for more details on this scholarship and other scholarships as well.

Corporate Finance Institute Biannual Scholarship

Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) is the leading provider of online financial analyst certification. Our financial modeling courses, programs, and certifications have been delivered to hundreds-of-thousands of individuals from over 170 countries to help them become world-class financial analysts.

Apply for CFI’s biannual $500 tuition scholarship (2 available). These scholarships are available for Canadian business school students enrolled in a degree program.

Scholarship Amount: $500; Level of Study: Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate; Region of Study: Canada; We offer 2 scholarships a year. Deadline: March 31 and November 15;  See website for more details on scholarship criteria. 

Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship

This is an award for any current or soon-to-be undergrad who has had his or her life altered due to an injury from a car or truck accident, be it their own injury, that of a loved one, or an influential individual. The Dirk Derrick Scholarship has a brief submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey the lasting effect an auto accident has had on their life as well as their journey to overcome those challenges.  Annual deadline to apply each year is December 15. See website for more details

Eastern Health Scholarships

Each year, Eastern Health and its partners award more than $40,000 in scholarships to support the pursuit of higher education and to advance health-care practice and knowledge in Newfoundland and Labrador.  We recognize the importance of learning in health care. As part of our Recognition Program, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to staff, dependants of staff and to eligible post-secondary students. Scholarships are provided by Eastern Health and our partners including foundations, auxiliaries and clubs.  See website for more details. Closing date for applications October 11, 2019.

Electro-Federation Canada Scholarship Program

Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) is a national, not-for-profit industry association that represents over 220 member companies that manufacture, distribute, market and sell a wide range of electrical products. EFC members contribute over $10B to the Canadian economy and employ over 40,000 workers in more than 1,300 facilities across the country. EFC empowers the industry with market intelligence, professional development and a voice for advocacy and standards advancement within a safe, collaborative environment. Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) and its members are proud to support the next generation of leaders who will power a changing world in the Canadian Electrical industry. This industry is made up of inventors, creators and visionaries who are creating new approaches to how electrical products are used by Canadians at home, work and play.  The EFC Scholarship program provides post-secondary students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Electrical industry, with funding to support their academics.  If you’re a post-secondary student who is pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Technologist/Technician, Industrial Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain/Operations, Logistics, Data Analytics Management or Information Technology – then consider a career in an industry that is committed to a safer, more environmentally-sustainable future for Canadians. Take the first step by applying for up to three scholarships now!  See website for more details. The deadline has passed, scholarship recipients will be announced in Fall 2019

Engineering Scholarships - W.W. Cossitt Work Term Award and PEGNL Connections East (formerly Eastern Chapter) Work Term Award Memorial University of Newfoundland

W.W. Cossitt Work Term Award - This award is intended for the Senior Engineering Student (Work Term 4, 5, & 6) at Memorial University of Newfoundland who has made the most important contribution to an employer and therefore to the Co-operative Engineering Program.  The award is made available by the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador (PEGNL) once per semester and has a monetary value of $1000. PEGNL issues the final award on the recommendation by the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Engineering Co-operative Education Office at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The recommendation is based upon: a) Supervisor nomination; b) Student work performance; c) Student work report or oral presentation and written summary; d) Student academic standing (must be scholarship standing).

PEGNL Connections East (formerly Eastern Chapter) Work Term Award.  This award is intended for the Junior Engineering Student (completing work terms 1, 2, & 3 prior to Academic Term 5) at Memorial University of Newfoundland who has made the most important contribution to an employer and therefore to the Co-operative Engineering Program.  The award is made available by the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador (PEGNL) Connections East once per semester and has a monetary value of $500.  PEGNL, Connections East issues the final award on the recommendation by the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Engineering Co-operative Education Office at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The recommendation is based upon: a) Supervisor nomination; b) Student work performance; c) Student work report; d) Student academic standing (must be scholarship standing).

Engineers Canada

Each year, in partnership with Manulife and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, we award six cash prizes totalling $60,000 to professional engineers returning to university.

Three Engineers Canada-Manulife scholarships valued at $12,500 each to provide financial assistance to engineers returning to university for further studies or research in an engineering field;  Three Engineers Canada-TD Insurance Meloche Monnex scholarships valued at $7,500 each to provide financial assistance to engineers returning to university for further studies or research in a field other than engineering.  Annual deadline is March 1st.  See website to access each scholarship application and the eligibility criteria

Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador Scholarships - The Zach Rowe Scholarship Application, The Jim Hierlihy Memorial Scholarship Application, The Epilepsy NL Family Scholarship Application

Each year Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador offers three scholarships for students in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each scholarship is valued at $1000 and is only open to members of Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, seizure disorder or who have a family member diagnosed with epilepsy.

· The Zach Rowe Scholarship Application - This scholarship, valued at $1000 is awarded to a student with epilepsy currently in, or about to enter, their first year of Post-Secondary studies.

· The Jim Hierlihy Memorial Scholarship Application -This scholarship, valued at $1000, is awarded to a mature student with epilepsy who has taken the initiative to return to studies to advance in their present job or train for a new career.

· The Epilepsy NL Family Scholarship Application - This scholarship, valued at $1000 is awarded to a student who has a family member diagnosed with epilepsy, and currently in, or about to enter, their first year of Post-Secondary studies.

Current board or staff members are not eligible to apply for scholarships.  Former board or staff members and/or their family members can apply for scholarships if they have been out of the service of Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador for two years.  Annual Deadline of November 1 of the Academic Year. See website for more details

Excel Capital Management Scholarship

We are pleased to announce our very first scholarship “Excel Capital Management Scholarship Program” to assist students to achieve their educational goals. The $500 yearly scholarship will be awarded to one student for their education expenses. Further, our aim is to double this amount for next year’s program.   Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can apply for the scholarship program, provided they are enrolled in a full-time degree program in an accredited college or graduate school.   See website for more details. 

exIT Technologies Scholarship

We at exIT Technologies are proud to announce our Scholarship Program, which will help deserving students meet their educational objectives. This annual scholarship will be given to one student for their educational expenses as they work their way through school. Read on to learn more about this great program.  How Much is the Scholarship?   Our scholarship amount is $500, given as a lump sum to help a student further his or her education in the IT field.      Who Can Apply?  The scholarship program is open to any IT student who demonstrates a genuine need for additional funding. Both graduate and undergrad students may apply, as long as they are in a full-time IT degree program in an accredited school.  Deadline to apply is May 31, 2020.  Send the application to See website for more details.


The legal team at the firm of Jerome O. Fjeld is excited to announce a scholarship program for aspiring attorneys. This $500 award will be given to one deserving student who has demonstrated a willingness to help others and an aptitude for Texas personal injury law.  Deadline is February 2020.  To ensure that the program is open to the largest possible pool of applicants, we’ve made the application process as easy as possible. Here’s what to do: • Write an essay of 1000 words or more on this topic: “Moving on after a serious car accident: How an attorney can help.”• Send the completed essay to the firm at before February 29, 2020.• Ensure that the essay is in PDF or Microsoft Word format, as Google Docs links can’t be used.• Make your essay original, creative, and relevant. We don’t tolerate plagiarism, and if any of the essay’s content is found to be copied from other sources, it will be rejected.• Be sure to include your name and contact information, as well as the name of your school.  It’s crucial that you provide only the information we’ve asked for, as including other info may delay the evaluation and editorial processes.  See website for more details.

George F. Flood Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is administered by Saint John Construction Association and CANB Saint John New Brunswick.  There will be annual awards, totalling $5,000.00 based on the academic standing and/or need. To be considered, applicants must attach first or second division marks, and will be entering any year of an undergraduate program.  Annual deadline: July 31. Click here for details.

Foster Children Bursary Program

Storwell Self Storage offers an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life.   Applicant must have been a foster child with an official Canadian or American foster care program and agrees to having the above organization verify the same. Will be enrolled as a full-time student at a recognized general/ vocational College or post-secondary institution in Canada or USA. Canadian or American Citizen or Permanent Resident, Applicant must be 24 years of age or less at the time of application. Annual Deadline: December 15. See website for more details and application.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

These awards are open to students of all abilities. To be considered for the award, applicants must be: in good academic standing; Canadian citizens or landed immigrants; students graduating from secondary (high) school or students completing their first year of CÉGEP or students who have completed secondary (high) school; involved in voluntary humanitarian activities (for which they have not been compensated); and planning to or are already studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution, or entering their 2nd year of CÉGEP in the upcoming academic year. Applications are submitted online and must be completed before the deadline of February 1st of each year. Additional information may be found on the website or by telephone (778) 782-3057; by fax (778) 782-3311; or by email

Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship

The Gaulin Foundation is pleased to announce that it is once again accepting applications for the Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship – a national scholarship that promotes the resilience of individuals with mental illness pursuing post-secondary education.  The $1,000 scholarships are being offered in honour of Sarah Gaulin, who died at the age of 26 after a longtime battle with mental illness. We would appreciate you sharing the attached information with students you work with.  In order to apply, students must be registered in a post-secondary institution and provide documented proof of their mental illness. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding applicants who meet the criteria of the program. Deadline for applications is April 1 each year.  Click here for more details.

Geneva Rock Scholarship

To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited university, college, trade or vocational school. Scholarship applicants must be in pursuit of construction-related careers including, but not limited to: Construction management, civil engineering, business, and commercial/professional sales. Students involved in trades such as welding, diesel tech, heavy equipment operations and building tech are also welcome to apply. High school seniors are eligible to apply, but must be enrolled in one of the previously mentioned institutions. All applicants must have received, (or be in the process of attaining), their high school diploma or GED. All applicants must be U.S. citizens, or be a legal permanent resident with work eligibility status. Annual deadline: July 1, for the fall semester and November 15, for the spring semester. All application documents must be emailed to Click here to view the website.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Scholarships - The Junior Jubilee Scholarship, The Electoral District Scholarships, The Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships and Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship

The following scholarships are made available by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and are awarded by the Minister of Education to high school students in the province. They are based on the Department of Education scholarship score which is derived from the results of public exams. In excess of 200 scholarships are awarded each year.

The Junior Jubilee Scholarship - This scholarship has a value of $2,500.00. It is awarded annually to the high school graduate who achieves the highest Department of Education scholarship score.

The Electoral District Scholarships - These scholarships, valued at $1,000.00 each, are awarded annually to the three high school graduates in each electoral district who achieves the highest Department of Education scholarship score.

The Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships - Fifty-five scholarships, valued at $1,000.00 each, are awarded to high school graduates based on the Department of Education scholarship score provided they have not already been awarded another government scholarship.

Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship - This scholarship has a value of $1,000.00. It is awarded annually to a son or daughter of a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, or of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (active, retired or deceased), who achieves the highest Department of Education scholarship score. The Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship requires an application which is available from high school principals.

Hamilton Community Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation’s scholarships and bursary funds provide assistance and encouragement to promising young students challenged by the costs of education. In all cases, the funds are paid directly to the student’s educational institution on his or her behalf. The following bursaries are available through an open-call process.

Chaney Ensign Bursary Fund - deadline annually January 20 and September 20
David Davis Memorial Fund - deadline annually October 1
Geritol Follies Bursary Fund - deadline annually October 1

See website for details


Haywood | Hunt & Associates Inc. is proud to announce our inaugural Scholarship Program for the 2018-2019 school year. This scholarship is available to Canadian students, and the chosen student will be awarded $1,000 CAD grant towards their education. Available to all accepted or enrolled Canadian University and College students.  Must apply to the contest via email, providing your name, email, phone and educational institution.  Applications should be emailed to in word format, no link to Google Docs or PDFs.  Students are asked to write a short 500-1000 word essay on how “The Internet and Social Media have changed the way that Police and Law Enforcement investigate crimes.”  Submission deadline: August 31, 2019. See website for details

Canadian Hearing Society Scholarship

The Canadian Hearing Society has scholarship opportunities open to students who are Deaf and hard of hearing, to help break down financial barriers to higher education and build a brighter future. Scholarships of $3,000 a year for full-time students and $1,000 a year for part-time students are awarded to top qualified candidates who are pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited institution, inside or outside of Canada. Awards may cover tuition, residence or educational resources. Additionally, CHS is making a commitment to award this year’s winners with up to four years in funding to help remove as many financial barriers as possible, and to significantly reduce the stress of finding funding each year. The exact number of awards will be dependent on the number and ranking of qualified applicants.  Applications for 2020 will be posted here in advance of the May 2020 submission date. Please check back in January 2020 for more information.

Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship worth $2000 CAD. We created this scholarship with the intention to help young entrepreneurs & leaders to learn how to protect their business.  In order to be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:  Must be currently attending university or college or set to attend during the 2019-2020 academic year; Must provide an application submission, including a business plan for their current or prospective business which includes a section outlining their intellectual property strategy. Must apply via email to and provide their name, address, university or college, major and expected graduation month and year. Deadline is December 31, 2019. See website for details

Alex Hernandez Trial Law Scholarship

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Attorney at Law is proud to announce the first annual scholarship to help a hardworking future lawyer achieve their educational goals. The yearly scholarship is $500, and it will be given to one deserving student for their school expenses.  To read on to learn more about the firm’s scholarship program see website for more details. 

Herrmann Law Scholarship

Everyone deserves a top-quality education, but unfortunately, finances put it out of reach for some. High expenses mean that thousands of students can’t pursue their dream of higher education. However, with Herrmann Law’s scholarship program, those dreams are becoming more attainable for some. Who Can Apply?  Please see website for details

HeyTutor Scholarship Program

We are pleased to announce our very first scholarship “HeyTutor Scholarship Program” to assist students to achieve their educational goals. The $500 yearly scholarship will be awarded to one student for their education expenses. Further, our aim is to double this amount for next year's program.  We want to help a student who is really in need of funds for their studies. Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can apply for the scholarship program, provided they are enrolled in a full-time degree program in an accredited college or graduate school.  Deadline to apply is January 15, 2020.  See website for more details.

Honey Lake Clinic Scholarship

The team at Honey Lake Clinic is blessed to announce our yearly scholarship program for deserving students. This $500 scholarship will go to one struggling but hard-working student who wants to work in the addiction treatment and rehabilitation field. The deadline has passed.  Please see website for more details on the next deadline.

Chris Huskilson Emera Scholarship

To honour our outgoing CEO, Emera has established the Chris Huskilson Emera Scholarship valued at $40,000.  An Atlantic Canadian student attending an Atlantic Canadian university in the areas of science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship or math, will receive $10,000 per year for four years. The recipient will also receive a paid, 12-week internship and a senior mentor from one of Emera’s companies.  Emera strives to be an employer of choice everywhere we work. Developing local talent strengthens our team and helps develop the big thinkers of tomorrow. Emera is committed to continuing to be a leader in delivering cleaner, affordable energy to customers.  2019 applications are now closed. Applications will reopen in early 2020.   Please see website for more details. 

S.R. Hussey Memorial Scholarship Fund - Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

The fund is able to provide a limited amount of assistance to residents of Atlantic Canadawho meet one of the two criteria as follows:  a) Legally blind persons in the pursuit of studies or training and the purchase of necessary equipment; b) Legally blind persons for the purchase of equipment or other services to be used in their employment. Deadline to apply is May 1 annually.   Grants have typically ranged from $100.00 to $1,000.00, depending upon the perceived needs of the applicant and the funds available. This is a renewable scholarship for which you can re-apply for each year of your program.  See website for more details or interested candidates may obtain further information by either visiting Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, 5940 South Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1S6, by calling either 902-424-8500 or 902-423-8796; or by faxing 902-423-8700.

Imperial Oil Ltd. Higher Education Awards for Sons and Daughters of Employees and Annuitants

The Higher Education Awards program provides full tuition and compulsory fees for sons and daughters of Imperial Oil Ltd. employees, annuitants, or deceased employees. Students must be accepted at any approved Canadian University or Community College. The student must begin their education within six years of starting secondary school (grade 9), and must have an average of at least 70% in the subjects required for admission by the institution. Students who do not qualify upon graduation from secondary school may be eligible should they achieve the equivalent of a 70% average while in post secondary education. Once an award is granted, the student must pass all subjects and complete a "full workload" each year. A student may qualify for up to four awards in a five year period, which begins when the student first starts post secondary education. Application forms and brochures explaining the program in more detail are available through the website or by requesting more details by emailing

"Improving Senior Living" Scholarship 2018

Open to any students in any major, although this scholarship is ideal for students enrolled in any health care major including but not limited to: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene, Health Care Administration, Health Sciences, Pre-Med, Speech Language Pathology, etc. Our scholarship is also open to those in high school with an acceptance letter to a university.

The team at is proud to announce our annual scholarship which awards a selected applicant with a $1,000 scholarship.  Annual deadline:  October 17.  See website for details

International Grenfell Association Bursary Program

International Grenfell Association (IGA) Bursaries are awarded annually to graduating secondary and currently enrolled post-secondary students having graduated from high schools in area served by the Association. These awards, supported through annual grants, are given to students based primarily on financial need.  Please be aware that the IGA does not fund Bursaries during paid work terms. If your program involves work term(s), the IGA will only award funding for those semesters considered “academic”.  The IGA has now moved its bursary applications to an online process.  Awards will range from $1000 up to $6000.  Amounts will be at the discretion of the IGA Bursary Committee, with need being the main factor in considering amounts.  The IGA Bursary Committee also reserves one $4,000 Bursary for an adult student who is returning to full time post-secondary studies after being out of school for a period of five years or longer.  Annual Deadline to apply is February 28.  Please click here to apply online

Iron Trident Concrete Scholarship

Those applying for the Iron Trident Concrete $500 scholarship must meet the following requirements:  Be a legal resident of Canada or the United States, currently, be enrolled in or accepted to a college or university in Canada or the U.S.Have a GPA of at least 3.0.   Applicants must also submit an essay to Iron Trident Concrete.  See website for more details.

Mark Jackman Adventure and Innovation Award

This award was established by the family of Mark Jackman, a first year engineering student who would have graduated with the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Class of 2019.  It honours his spirit of creativity, innovation and exploration. Mark had just finished his first year when he passed tragically in a motor vehicle accident May 6, 2015 in St. John’s, NL. A graduate of Gonzaga High School, Mark was a true scholar and athlete. In addition to top academic results, Mark was a provincial champion in basketball, soccer and chess as well as city champion in rugby, award winner in Tae Kwan Do, Bronze Medallion swimmer, East Regional Science Fair Winner, Duke of Edinburgh Award winner (bronze) and a talented musician (percussion and guitar) - all while keeping his friends and peers smiling with a great sense of humour and his keen insights. Mark was loved and will always be missed but the Jackman Family are honoured to see him remembered with this special Engineering Award.  Valued at $2,500, the award will be granted to a student in their final year of study in any engineering program at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The student will be required to provide short descriptions of one or more of their work terms that fit with Mark’s fearless spirit of adventure. Preference will be given to a student with work terms that show an unconventional job or employer, exotic locations, and unorthodox methods of finding and receiving said work term. The recipient must meet the minimum academic requirements for an award as defined by the University. The award will be granted by the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.  See website for contact details to apply for this award

Jarmasz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship valued at $500.00 is awarded annually. Recipients may only receive this scholarship once. The requirements for this scholarship are as follows: must be of Polish descent, must be either Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, must have completed at least one year of full-time studies at a Canadian university/college, and must be enrolled in a program lasting not less than two years at a Canadian university/college. Students may contact the Scholarship Committee, Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada Inc., P.O. Box 81008, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1B1 or visit their website.  Please note that the website is written in polish.

Kemper Medical Scholarship

Kemper Medical serves as one of the world’s leading distributors of premium medical supplies and does so with the help of an outstanding customer service team. All products supplied by the company are brand-name and first-quality, yet the prices remain lower than seen with competitors. The razor-thin margin helps to ensure patients have access to affordable health care services. However, more work needs to be done to bring these costs down. To help ensure every individual has access to affordable health care, Kemper Medical will be offering a $500 scholarship to the person who offers unique ways to reduce the cost of medical supplies while still offering high-quality products to health care organizations.  The $500 scholarship will be awarded to a high school junior or senior or a current college or university student who demonstrates an understanding of the issues surrounding existing health care costs and offers a way to reduce the cost of necessary medical supplies.  See website for details

Kenhub Scholarship

Kenhub are proud to announce the opening of an annual scholarship program to undergraduate and postgraduate students of healthcare disciplines.  Kenhub is a digital learning platform providing extensive human anatomy, histology and medical imaging learning tools. Deadline is to apply is October 1, 2019.  See website for more details.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Atlantic Branch Bursary

The Program: The general purpose of the program is to assist kidney patients and their family members to further their education and/or training.  The total funds available are $2,000 annually. Four (4) awards of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) each may be awarded each year. A bursary may be awarded to an individual a maximum of two (2) times. No application may be made by a member of Kidney Foundation staff, Board Members selection committee or immediate family of such members.  Deadline for applications is June 14, 2019. Applications must be completed and emailed to on or before June 14th of the year in which the bursary is to be awarded. Bursary funds will only be issued when a copy of tuition payment is received by The Kidney Foundation Atlantic branch office. The applicant must agree to his/her name being used in any media form.  To request an application please email

Kin Canada Bursaries

This is a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, supported by Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs, and public donations, across the country. Each year, $1,000 bursaries are awarded to successful Canadian applicants who are pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized university, community college, technical institute and other schools for advanced education.  To be eligible for this scholarship students must: be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, be a full-time student in the process of graduating from high school or currently studying or registered at a post-secondary institution, and must complete the current application form and submit it to the Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin Club closest to their permanent residence by February 1st. Bursary winners are notified before June 30th by their sponsoring club. The scholarship will be evaluated on their community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need.  Contact Christine Stahl at or call 800-742-5546 ext. 215 for more information or see website for more details.

Kon-Strux Scholarship

Kon-strux is a leading home development company for the Calgary area, focusing on providing hassle-free home renovations for homeowners in the area. We consist of a team of industry experts who use the latest technology to design and implement amazing renovations to transform our clients’ homes.  Application Deadline: May 31, 2019. The $500 scholarship is being offered to a college or university student interested in home design or renovations.  Applicants for this scholarship should submit a 1,000-word essay talking about what they would do if they could completely renovate a room in their home. They should describe how they might decide on the layout for the room, what style they would use for the renovation, and how the room will look when the renovation is completed.  See website for more details.

LGO Scholarship for Digital Excellence

Twice per year, LGO awards a $1,000 scholarship to an outstanding College/University student who enters our essay contest. We have made one Scholarship for Canadian Students and one for the US. We are looking to challenge young students and form an elite group of future Digital Marketing enthusiasts. We would like to hear your ideas on how businesses will market themselves in the future. What would a marketing strategy look like in the coming years, let’s say in 2025.  The contest is open to registered undergraduate full-time students at accredited four-year colleges or universities in the United States or Canada during the Fall 2018 Semester or spring of 2019. The essay you submit must be your original and unpublished work, authored only by you (no co-authorship). Each student will be entered per year. There two submission deadlines:  January 29th, 2020, by 1:00 pm PST, and the second will be on June 30th, 2020, by 1:00 pm PST.  No entries will be allowed after the deadline.   Winners will be announced on February 21st & July 18th and will be shared on our Social media channels of over 1 Million followers and will get an interview featured in our blog. See website for more details

Lakin Afolabi Law Future Criminal Lawyer Scholarship

Lakin Afolabi and his criminal defence team would like to welcome students who are thinking or already interested in pursuing a legal education in the next 5 years and demonstrate their passion in criminal justice with the following scholarship topic essay: “Should the presumption of innocence continue to apply in the #metoo era? Why or why not? (Minimum 500 words) Application deadline: June 30, 2019; award: $1,000; In order for students to participate in this scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:Must be currently attending a Canadian or American University or College during and enrolled in any undergraduate program; Submit an online submission for the specified topic via email and provide their Name, Address, Phone Number and Proof of Enrollment. Essay submission must be in MS Word Document format or Google Doc. All submissions should be sent to   See website for more details

James Lee Foundation Scholarship

Established in 2007 to honour the creative legacy and spirit of the late James Lee, the JLF Scholarship is open to emerging non-professional creative talent from across Canada looking to enter the advertising industry. The annual Scholarship is intended to recognize and help promising talent to do their best work. Ultimately, the award will be given to an up-and-coming creative student who’s driven to do things differently and has a passion for their craft.  A scholarship of a minimum $5,000 will be awarded on the basis of the portfolio that emonstrates the most original thinking and craftsmanship according to a judging panel made up of industry friends and family of James Lee.  Fittingly, all fields relating to the advertising industry will be considered for the award including writers, art directors, film makers, recording artists, illustrators, photographers and digital artists. Portfolio submissions will be accepted online from August 1 through September 15, 2019. The portfolio judging will be completed by September 30th, 2019.The winner will be notified in writing and announced publicly soon after judging is completed.  For complete information on the James Lee Foundation Scholarship and how to enter, please click here.

Leonard Foundation Scholarships

Reuben Wells Leonard was born in 1860 in Brantford, Ontario, where he attended public elementary and secondary schools. He then attended and graduated from Royal Military College, Kingston, as a Silver Medalist.  The Leonard Foundation was created in 1916 and revised in 1923. The foundation has a Charitable Trust and also a Financial Assistance Program for students who, without help from the Foundation, would not be able to continue their education. It is significant that Colonel Leonard placed emphasis on financial need rather than high academic achievement. He also believed that the recipients of his awards should have qualities for leadership so that Canada could grow. Over the years, the amount available for the Financial Assistance Program has grown to approximately $175,000.00 annually.  The Leonard Foundation scholarships are awarded to students enrolled or enrolling in an accredited undergraduate degree program in a College or University in Canada. The institutions must be open to all without restriction except for an academic standard. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. All applicants will be considered, but when necessary, preference may be given to daughters or sons of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers, Canadian military personnel, graduates of a Canadian Military College, members of the Engineering Institute of Canada and members of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Canada. The value of the award is usually $1,000.00 and a true financial need must be demonstrated. Students please click here to apply online.

Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund

The True Sport Foundation is calling for applications to the Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund – a fund to assist the study of values and ethics challenges affecting non-professional Canadian sport.  The fund provides annual financial awards to support personal-experience-based, exploratory, foundational, applied and evaluative research to increase the understanding of challenges related to values in, and of, sport in Canada, with the goal of advancing solutions that strengthen the conduct of sport.  The application deadline is April 30, 2019. See website for more details.

Dr. Leonard A. Miller Award

This award, in memory of Dr. Leonard A. Miller, is given annually to the most outstanding student in the study of Community Medicine. The award, in the amount of $500.00, is funded jointly by the Faculty of Medicine and the General Hospital. The selection of the recipient for the award will be made at the completion of Phase II medical studies and will be based on the highest average score in Community Engagement I and II. The award is made by the Dean of Medicine’s Advisory Committee on Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  See website for details 

Longworth Law Firm Annual College Scholarship

Longworth Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to announce our annual college scholarship. We would like to help a student who desires to pursue a career in family law. Special consideration will be given to currently enrolled law school students and U.S. military veterans.  In order to apply, applicant must be enrolled or accepted at an accredited college or university. This scholarship will be awarded based our review of your 1,000 word essay.  Answer this question in 1,000 words or less: Why is it important to provide affordable family law services to military, law enforcement, and other first responders? Be as specific as possible. The student who submits an answer that is the most thought provoking and innovative will be awarded the scholarship.  The annual deadline is August 31.  Applicants must mail, a 12 point font, double spaced, printed Word document or Google Doc, 1,000 word or less document titled “Why Is It Important To Provide Affordable Family Law Services To Military, Law Enforcement, And Other First Responders?” to the following address:  MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer Scholarship Committee
440 Louisiana St, Suite 1225, Houston, TX 77002.  Please see website for details. 

Moving Lives Forward Scholarships

The Health Care Foundation funds a series of Moving Lives Forward Scholarships to benefit individuals who are clients of the Mental Health and Addictions Program of Eastern Health. These scholarships are open to individuals who have used the services of Eastern Health’s Mental Health and Addictions Program and are interested in pursuing post-secondary or professional development opportunities. The scholarships are valued at up to $1,000 each.  The yearly application deadlines are:  November 1st Winter Semester, April 1st Spring/Summer Semester, and August 1st Fall Semester.   Please see website for guidelines and applications.

MUNN Insurance Future Goals Scholarship

Munn Insurance values the amazing contributions made by our youth and the role that athletics has played in shaping these future leaders and exceptional people. As a result, Munn established the Future Goals Sponsorship, a merit-based scholarship for graduating high school students, or those completing their first year at a post-secondary institution, who exhibit exemplary leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Successful applicants must achieve high standards in both academic performance and athletic excellence. The Future Goals Scholarship is open to those enrolled in a member organization as part of the Mount Pearl Sports Alliance. Eligible applicants will be resident of Mount Pearl and/or enrolled in a Mount Pearl high school. This scholarship is valued at $2000, paid annually to a male and female applicant to help offset the cost of tuition for any accredited post-secondary institution.  “I learned a lot from my days on the soccer pitch and in those cold hockey arenas. I learned important life lessons and leadership skills that I continue to use every day. I look for those skills in the people we hire and promote in our business. That's why we are committed to promoting excellence and nurturing the development of young people and more importantly helping build future leaders. We hope the Future Goals Scholarship helps these young men and women achieve all their future goals.” said John Nolan, President Munn Insurance.  Deadline for applications is September 30, 2019. See website for details and click here to fill out an application for this scholarship. 

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Annual Scholarship

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Annual Scholarship is available to any student currently enrolled in a trade school, college, or university in Canada or the United States. High school graduates or GED holders who are about to begin their college-level studies are also eligible to apply.  To apply for this scholarship, please submit a three-minute video discussing:  The goals you want to achieve through your education, andHow this scholarship will help you achieve those goals; The successful applicant will receive a $1,000.00 CAD scholarship grant from Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers.  Annual Deadline is July 31st.  See website for details.

Newfoundland Labrador Housing Scholarships 2019

This year Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) will award a total of twelve scholarships valued at $1000 each. This will include six Youth Scholarships (two in each of the following regions: Avalon/East, Central, Western/Labrador), and six Adult Scholarships (two in each of the three regions). The deadline for applications for the Youth Scholarship program is August 31, 2019. For the Adult Scholarship Program, the deadline is September 30, 2019. Please see website for eligiblity and application. 

Newfoundland Power Inc. Scholarships

Applicants may apply for the above scholarships if they intend to pursue post-secondary study. The student can be a son, daughter, brother, sister, grandchild or dependent of a member, honorary member, or deceased member. In applying, applicants should note that employees must be members of the Newfoundland Power Employees' Association and regular contributors to its Scholarship Fund. Applications and information are available in writing to Employees' Association, Newfoundland Power Inc, P.O. Box 8910, Kenmount Road, St. John's, NL, A1B 3P6.

North American Van Lines 2019 Logistics Scholarship Competition

At North American Van Lines, we strive to be fully and consistently committed toward cultivating the future of young professionals across Canada and beyond—this is why we place the importance of quality education above arguably all other metrics when it comes to our priorities as an organization. Eligibility Requirements:  Canadian Citizen (or permanent resident).Enrolled (or enrolling) as full time student of accredited college/university within a Canadian province, for completion of undergraduate degree in Logistics or equivalent field.Limit of one (1) entry per contestant.Employees and professional affiliates of North American Van Lines (and their immediate families) are not eligible.The applicant must comply with CRA rules to qualify for the tax-free benefits of the scholarship, please see the rules here.Your scholarship may be tax deductible. However, you are responsible for any tax reporting requirements and any tax due. We cannot give any tax advice.  All Applications that are incomplete will be disqualified. See content rules for complete details and requirements. All applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline December, 15 2019. See website for more details.

Ocean Ranger Memorial Award

On February 15, 1982, the Ocean Ranger Exploratory Drilling Platform sank, resulting in the tragic loss of the 84 crew members on board. As a memorial to this loss, an award program was established by the Ocean Ranger Disaster Fund.  These awards, valued at $500.00 per year, are tenable by students who are entering or pursuing a post-secondary programme of studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Fisheries and Marine Institute, and the College of the North Atlantic.  In selecting candidates, preference will be given to widows and lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc.) of victims of the disaster.  In the absence of  eligible candidates from this group, the award maybe given to other full-time students at the discretion of the Ocean Ranger Award Selection Committee.   Information and application forms maybe obtained from the Scholarships & Awards Offices at any of the institutions noted above. Applications must include documentation to clearly verify applicant’s eligibility.  Completed application must be returned by the 3rd Friday in January.

A Place for Mom Scholarship

A Place for Mom has given over $35,000 in scholarships to students who are interested in gerontology and aging. As North America’s largest senior living and care referral service we feel it is important to support the education of future senior care professionals.  A Place for Mom Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship: Five $1000 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s, certificate or graduate level program at an accredited school in the fields of gerontology, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, physical or occupational therapy, speech pathology, elder law or long-term care administration.  We accept submissions year round but in order to be eligible for the next award submissions need to reach A Place for Mom by May 1. The winners will be announced by June 7. Submissions received after May 1 will automatically be considered for future awards.  See website for more details

Gregory J. Power Poetry Awards

The proceeds from a sum of money donated to the University by Mr. Gregory J. Power will (depending on the merit of submissions) be awarded as first, second, and third-place prizes in an annual poetry competition administered by the Department of English, Memorial University of Newfoundland.  The competition will be open to full or part-time students at the University upon submission of original, unpublished work.  The selection of winners will be the responsibility of the Head, Department of English, acting on the advice of a special committee. Entry forms and further information may be obtained by contacting the Department of English at Memorial University. If you have questions regarding this award click here for contact details.

Restaurant Accounting Services Scholarship

Restaurant Accounting Services, we’re excited to announce our new scholarship program for deserving students. Our Scholarship program is open to all students, from part-time to post-graduate.  We are inviting U.S. students from all disciplines to participate for a chance to receive Restaurant Accounting Services Scholarship.  We will award 6-$1000 Scholarships. The topic for Essay: What Does Hospitality Management Mean to You?  Scholarship Amount: $1000. Deadline: May 31st, 2019. See website for more details

Rhodes Scholarship - Deadline: September 27 - Annually

All applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree to a very high standard by 1 October of the year following application. In some constituencies, you will need to have completed your degree in the year of application. Academic achievement must be sufficiently high to assure entry to the University of Oxford, whose admissions are internationally competitive, and to give confidence that Rhodes Scholars will perform to a high academic standard in Oxford. Please see the requirements listed in your country/region’s Information for Candidates for further details.  A Rhodes Scholarship is tenable at the University of Oxford and may be held for three years. Since, however, the majority of Rhodes Scholars obtain standing which enables them to take a degree in two years, appointments are made for two years in the first instance. Scholars may, however, hold the Scholarship for only 1 year.  Those Scholars who elect to read for a D.Phil. at the time of admission may apply for a third year on stipend. The Rhodes Scholar must present a definite plan of study for that period satisfactory to his/her College and to the Rhodes Trustees. A Rhodes Scholar may apply to any one of the courses of study available at the University of Oxford, subject to the consent of the college or, in the case of graduate study, the relevant faculty or department. The stipend of a Rhodes Scholarship consists of a direct payment to the University and to the Scholar's College of approved fees (such as matriculation, tuition, laboratory fees, and certain other set charges), plus a maintenance allowance, which is paid directly to the Scholar at the rate of at least £3,480 per annum to cover board, lodging and other expenses. The sum provided should be sufficient to enable a Scholar to meet the necessary expenses for term-time and vacations, but those who can afford to supplement it to a modest extent from their own resources are advised to do so. Reasonable travel expenses to and from Oxford will be paid by the Trust. Application forms containing full particulars can be obtained from the Secretary of the Selection Committee for the Province of Newfoundland.  Procedure for receiving an endorsement letter from the president for a Rhodes Scholarship:  The endorsement letter is drafted by a professor who knows the student; the letter is reviewed and approved by the Department Head. The Head forwards the complete nomination package and endorsement letter, in electronic form, to the Deans’ office. The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the package is complete and received on time; The Dean of the Faculty reviews and approves the nomination package, and forwards it to the VP (Academic); The VP(Academic) reviews and approves the nomination package, and forwards it to the President with her recommendation that the President provide an endorsement letter for the student; The President provides his letter of endorsement, and sends it to the Rhodes Scholarship Committee.

Advice for Student Applicants

1. It is best to send the reference letter or package electronically ( in the past there have been nomination packages sent by internal mail and therefore late for the deadline);  2. As well, either the President, Provost or Dean maybe travelling at that time in October and therefore it is prudent to have the letter/package sent earlier rather than later; 3. Keep checking on the letters because the professors are busy and not to assume that the professor has received the e-mail request or remembers being asked to write the letter; Inquiries may be directed in writing to the Secretary of the Selection Committee to: Mr. Glenn Janes, 56 Berteau Avenue, St. John's, NL A1A 1V8, Telephone: 1.709.722.5509, . See website to see more information.

Rothermere Foundation Fellowships

These Fellowships, the gift of the first Chancellor of the University, have been established to aid and encourage students who have taken their first degree at this University to pursue their studies for the British higher degree at a university of their choice in the United Kingdom. It is not intended that students who have obtained most of their education in Britain be eligible for a Fellowship. Awards are made by the Rothermere Fellowships Trust, on the recommendation of the President of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The conditions of the award are as follows:

  1. Candidates shall have completed a bachelor’s degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland and have completed or be about to complete a master’s degree either at Memorial University of Newfoundland or at another university in North America.
  2. Fellowships will be awarded only to candidates who are proceeding to the United Kingdom to work for a British higher degree. Fellowships will not be awarded to candidates who wish to extend their stay in Britain to obtain a further British higher degree. Persons who are full-time members of a faculty of Memorial University of Newfoundland are not eligible for a Rothermere Fellowship.
  3. The awards will be restricted to a maximum tenure of three years or the period requested in the candidate’s application, whichever is the lesser. Continuation beyond the first year will depend on certification of competence and satisfactory progress.
  4. Candidates must accept and complete the term of years for which the Fellowship has been awarded unless the requirements for the qualifications for which the Fellowship was awarded have been completed before the term expires. No interruption of tenure, postponement of the date of commencement of the Fellowship, or transfer of the Fellowship to a different field of study once the tenureship has begun will be permitted.
  5. One Fellowship is usually awarded each year.
  6. The Trust will pay a stipend of £17,300 per annum. The stipend is expected to cover living expenses. The value of the stipend is not usually negotiable, but is reviewed periodically by the Rothermere Foundation. The stipend will be credited to the Fellow’s UK bank account in quarterly instalments. The quarterly instalments will be paid in October, January, April and July; the timing of the instalments is not usually negotiable.
  7. The Trust will pay tuition fees for the higher degree programme on which the Fellow is registered, directly to the university concerned upon receipt of an invoice.
  8. The Trust will pay for a return airfare, economy class, for Fellows from Newfoundland and Labrador to England, and back to Newfoundland in each year of their Fellowship. Flights must be economy return (or a set of two economy one-way flights only where the total cost is less than that of an economy return fare). The cost of the flights will be reimbursed by a cheque raised by the Rothermere Foundation on production of proof of purchase. Fellows are advised that the refund process may take several weeks to complete, allowing time for signature of the cheque by the relevant Trustees. The Trust will reimburse the air fare in the final year of award, on the proviso that the student must use the return portion to travel back to Newfoundland within two months of completing their Fellowship.
  9. Completed applications must be submitted in duplicate to this office before the 30th of November and must be accompanied by the following documentation, also in duplicate:
  • an official transcript of marks from Memorial University of Newfoundland and from any other university attended;
  • a letter of recommendation from the dean of the faculty or school in which the applicant was registered as an undergraduate at Memorial University of Newfoundland;
  • a letter of recommendation from the head of the department in which applicant majored as an undergraduate at Memorial University of Newfoundland; and
  • a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s present master’s level supervisor;
  • as indicated in Section 14 of the application, applicants must submit a personal statement on how their research will contribute or be of value to Newfoundland and Labrador. The statement must also contain a section on the candidate’s commitment to Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • a recent passport-sized photograph;
  • Please provide a summary sheet containing the following information:
      • The course you are applying for
      • The University you are applying to
      • Your grade point average
      • The cost of that particular course and university

Note that additional letters of recommendation and other information in support of the application may be submitted at the applicant’s discretion, at the point at which the original application is submitted. Applicants are encouraged to begin the process of applying to universities in the United Kingdom before submitting the Rothermere Fellowship application.

A reminder that the deadline is November 30th

For further information, please contact: Margot Brown, Executive Director, President’s Office, Room AA2028, Arts and Administration Building, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7; Tel: (709) 864-8216; Fax: (709) 864-2059; email:

The Royal Canadian Legion Newfoundland Labrador Command
Provincial Bursary Application
A. For students undertaking their 1st undergraduate degree.

Applicants are advised that the BURSARY is in the amount of $1,000.00 and is tenable at Memorial University of Newfoundland; Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, The Marine Institute, College of the North Atlantic or any University outside the Province.

Eligibility: You must be enrolled in program of at least two academic years duration i.e. four semesters, and you must be a child, a grandchild or great grandchild of a veteran.

Award of a BURSARY is based in part on financial need.

B. For students undertaking their 2nd and subsequent years undergraduate degree.

Applicants are advised that the BURSARY is in the amount of $1,000.00 and is tenable at Memorial University of Newfoundland; Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, The Marine Institute, College of the North Atlantic or any University outside the Province.

Eligibility: You must be enrolled in a program of at least two academic years duration, i.e. four semesters, and you must have successfully completed your first year of study, and you must be a child, a grandchild or great grandchild of a veteran.

Application forms are available by calling Ms. Brenda Slaney at 709-753-6666 or 709-753-5514, by email; or in writing to: Ms. Brenda Slaney, The Newfoundland & Labrador Command, The Royal Canadian Legion, P.O. Box 5745, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5X3

Click here to read more about the Royal Canadian Legion Newfoundland and Labrador Command.

Deadline is November 30 of each year.

Daina Lemire Savidant Memorial Bursary

Diana Lemire Savidant (1943-1994) was born and raised in Rouyn, Quebec and moved to Prince Edward Island in 1973. Always an avid student, she also gained respect as an art teacher. Applications for the scholarship will be accepted from female residents of Prince County 18 years of age and older. The award will be given to the applicant who displays the most pontential for development and that sense of exploration in the visual arts epitomized by Diane Lemire Savidant’s own career. Financial need will be an important factor in determining the recipient but not necessarily the only one. Applicants are expected to be pursuing the arts as a career option or serious avocation. Eligible programs include: study in the visual arts at recognized post-secondary institutions; summer schools or professional level courses and advanced workshops and seminars, minimum duration of five days.  The bursary will be awarded in June of each year commencing in 1996 and the amount of the bursary will be determined each based on the return on the capital fund invested. The award will be presented in the form of a cheque or bank draft payable jointly to the successful applicant and the educational institution. The Awards Committee may vary this rule if it is not applicable. No award will be made with respect to expenses already incurred. Should the program applied for be cancelled or the recipient withdraw or fail to enroll, the funds must be returned to the East Prince women’s Information Centre.  Applicants will be invited in March of each year through public announcements and other means with an application deadline of May 15. All applications must be accompanied by a resume and a full description of the program being pursued. The applicant should include a one page summary of personal background in art achievement and what goals are being pursued by following the student program for which support is being requested. Applicants selected for a finalist interview must be prepared to display a small portfolio of work, preferably in more than one medium. Where the program is more than one year in duration applicants are eligible to re-apply.  Applications will be received until May 15 and may be obtained in writing to East Prince Women’s Information Centre, 75 Central Street, Summerside PE C1N 3L2 or by telephone to (902) 436-9856 or by email Senior Caregiver Scholarship based in Austin, TX, is a leading resource for housing solutions and advice for seniors. is offering a $2000 scholarship to a student who will be enrolled in a college or university for the Fall of 2019 academic is in the practice of offering scholarships because they believe in the value of advanced education for those who give back to the elderly community. Also, they understand that there is a lot to be learned from spending time and energy in the senior community. Memories, information and advice can be passed down from generation to generation and it's important to capture and communicate these experiences. believes students should be honored for their devotion to elderly seniors.  We are offering a $2,000 scholarship to an eligible student who has been a caregiver for a senior friend or relative. One student, who will be attending college or university in the Fall of 2019, will receive $2,000 for tuition and/or books.  Email your completed questions and 2 required attachments (copy of transcript and video file) to  See website for more details.

ServiceScape Scholarship

Are you enrolled or about to enroll in a college, university, or trade school? Are you looking for a little extra help in funding your education to cover expenses that other scholarships and financial aid don't cover?  If your answer is "yes," we have a solution that could help out with books, supplies, or anything else you need to cover your educational expenses. Apply now to our 2018 Scholarship, which will be in the amount of $1,000.00 USD to be paid toward the educational certification/degree program of your choice. The chosen topic is as follows: How does writing impact today's world? Think about it, write about it, and let us know your thoughts.  To apply for the ServiceScape Scholarship, all scholarship applicants should fill out the application form and submit a 300 word essay on this topic.  Deadline to apply is November 30, 2019. See website for more details

$1M Leaders Prize - Canadian Competition in Artificial Intelligence

It is with great excitement that the Schulich Foundation invites Memorial University to compete in the Leaders Prize, a $1M national competition in Artificial Intelligence.  Our big reveal of the problem statement last week is now behind us, being announced to 2,500 delegates at True North! The Leaders Prize video can be viewed here.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch it and share with your networks, encouraging teams to register now. We would be thrilled to have at least three teams from Memorial University participate.  We are also pleased to share the next release of our Leaders Prize media kits below, to help encourage fellow faculty and students to register to compete for the Leaders Prize. Registration and additional information can be found at the competition. Suggested messages and image assets for social media, designed for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram in English and French.  Feel free to customize the messaging to match your organization’s voice. The kits also include links to the content we’ve created and curated to-date, including: News releases - June 11 Breakfast Television clip, and June 19 livestream recording of the problem statement announcement.  Digital posters in English and French. Image for slides in English and French.  We anticipate a strong turnout of registrants from our 20 partner universities of Schulich Leader Scholarships and appreciate your support to get involved and showcase the talent at your institution.

Schulich Leader Scholarships

Canadian Schulich Leader Scholarships are undergraduate scholarships for students intending to enroll in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas of study at a minimum of one of the 20 participating universities. All Canadian high schools and secondary schools (not including Québec) may submit one Schulich Leader Nominee each. Cégeps (in Québec) may select two nominees each. Schulich Leader Nominees are selected by their individual schools and must possess at least two of three criteria:  Outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership; Academic excellence; Financial need. Once Schulich Leader Nominees are verified, they can apply their nomination to the participating universities in Canada where they intend to submit formal applications for undergraduate study for the upcoming Fall semester. Formal applications for undergraduate study must be submitted by each Schulich Leader Nominee to the appropriate university by March 1. All participating universities are responsible for selecting the Schulich Leaders for their respective institution. Fifty (50) Canadian Schulich Leaders are selected – two Schulich Leaders at each participating university, with the top five universities with the most applicants receiving an additional two scholarships each. Half of these undergraduate entrance scholarships (25) are valued at $80,000 CAD and are reserved for nominees pursuing degrees in science, technology or mathematics (non-engineering programs). The remaining Schulich Leader Scholarships (25) are valued at $100,000 CAD and are reserved for nominees pursuing a degree in engineering-based programs. Each participating university will select two Schulich Leaders from a pool of Schulich Leader Nominees, one at $80,000 CAD and one at $100,000 CAD. The scholarship is distributed during each Schulich Leader’s term of undergraduate study and will start in the academic year in which it is awarded. Seymour Schulich established this $100 million scholarship fund in 2012 to encourage our best and brightest students to be the next pioneers of global scientific research and innovation.

SHIM Law Scholarship

Shim Law is a full service law firm located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We are always looking for ways to support our next generation of leaders which is why the Annual Shim Law Scholarship was created.   At Shim Law, we value diversity and how different individuals can come together to form a mutual success.  Please provide us with 5 interesting criminal cases that have previously happened or currently happening in Canada and provide a short summary of the case. There is no minimum or maximum word count.  Please use any resources you can to find out about criminal cases; this may include:  News Criminal Law Archives Articles Books; *Remember to Reference the Source!*  The method of how you present this scholarship will be up to you. You will be judged by how creative it is but please have some sort of digital copy for it as we want to share your work with everyone and publish it on our website!  For instance, you can present this information as a infographic, a vlog, informative video, blog, etc... You have as much freedom as you want to impress us!  Annual Deadline:  June 30.  Please see website for details.  If you have any questions or concerns please email

Casey D. Shomo Scholarship

At the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we place a great deal of importance on the value of getting a good education. Because of this, we're offering a scholarship to a deserving student with the desire to make his or her mark on the world.  Scholarship Amount: $1,000, This scholarship is for one academic school year, The scholarship funds will be sent via check, The scholarship is open to anyone actively enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. Deadline is June 30. Please see website for more details

Single Parent Scholarships - The Custody X Change Giving Program

Although we are based in the USA our scholarships are internationally applicable. The amount awarded is converted into the relevant currency before being transferred to the successful applicant.

In order to qualify for the Custody X Change Single Parent Scholarship, you must:

Have primary physical custody of one or more minor children;Be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university;Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher or be a first-semester student

The scholarship is open to single parent students around the world. If you're outside the US, you should have the equivalent of 3.0 GPA or higher on your university's grading scale.

We set up this program to help single parents wanting to study not just in the United States but around the world.

See website for details of annual scholarship and deadline dates as they vary with each term.

Skyhound Internet Scholarship

Skyhound Internet is an innovative website development company dedicated to helping create high-quality and creative websites. We provide a number of different services to those who need a business website, including domain registration, website design, web application programming, marketing, and video production services.  At Skyhound, we understand how expensive it can be to get a college education; yet how important it is for those who want to pursue a career in digital media or video production. For this reason, Skyhound is offering a $500 scholarship to college students attending an accredited college or university.  Application Deadline: May 31, 2019. Winner Announced: June 15, 2019.  See website for more details

Society of United Fishermen Memorial Scholarship

There shall be awarded annually by this Society four scholarships of a value of $500.00 each. These scholarships are awarded to children of members or deceased members of the Society. The scholarships are tenable at Memorial University of Newfoundland or any other institution of learning at which the student might wish to continue their studies in the year following graduation from high school. Further information and application forms may be obtained in writing to Elaine Traverse, Society of United Fishermen, P.O. Box 173, Hearts Delight, NL, A0B 2A0 phone number 709-588-2167.  Annual deadline is October 31st each year.

SpringWell Water Filtration Scholarship

We at SpringWell Water are well aware of the huge expense related to higher education, with many of us having been involved in it ourselves. While tuition at colleges and universities continues to rise, students and their families are often left with significant financial responsibilities to overcome.  To assist students passionate about pursuing a degree, SpringWell Water is proud to sponsor an annual $1,000 college scholarship essay contest. Details about the contest and how to apply are below. Further, our aim is to double this amount for next year’s program.  The scholarship amount is $1,000 and it will be awarded to one student for their education expenses. In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria: Must be in good academic standing with your current educational institution.Be actively enrolled at a college or university. Graduate or undergraduate program.For applicants under 18, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardianHas a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)Must apply to the contest via email and provide your name and the name of the institution you are attending or plan to attend.  Deadline to apply is December 31st, 2019.  See website for more details

Stewardship Association of Municipalities

$1000 scholarship to students from Newfoundland and Labrador whose interests, activities and post-secondary goals are focused on the conservation of habitat in this province. This Scholarship comes from the SAM Conservation Fund.  Annual Deadline is May 1. See website for details

Paul Stothart Memorial Scholarship in Mineral Economics

In 2012, the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and its members created the Paul Stothart Memorial Scholarship ($3,500 value) for university students interested in a career in mineral economics. The scholarship was established in memory of MAC’s former Vice President of Economic Affairs, Paul Stothart.  Candidates must be enrolled in a Canadian university studying either a Bachelor or Master of Economics, or a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and must demonstrate an interest in mineral economics.  Annual deadline of May 15 of each year.  Check website for more details

Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program

More than 40 Scholarships Available to Military Families

The scholarship program is entering its fifth year, and is funded by Support Our Troops, supported by donations from individuals, external organizations, fundraising events, and the sale of Yellow Ribbon merchandise.

Both full-time and part-time post-secondary students of accredited academic institutions, career and vocational colleges are eligible. Scholarships range from $500 to $2000.

In 2018, more than $75,000 was awarded to military family members through 45 scholarships, with winners selected from over 400 competitive applications.

Applications will open February 1st for the 2019 Canadian Forces Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program and there is a new process in place for applying!


You are a dependant (includes spouse) of a serving or former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

You are enrolled in an undergraduate program leading to a degree, diploma or certificate at an accredited Canadian college or university. Post graduate and career college students are also welcome to apply.

Click here for more details

Surex Scholarship Program

We’re proud to announce the first-ever Surex Annual Scholarship Awards. This scholarship is available for Canadian students, and the chosen winner will be awarded a $1,000 grant toward his or her education in Canadian dollars.   We understand that schooling is an expensive affair and we acknowledge the fact that it can be burdensome for some students and their families.The sum of costs incurred from tuition fees along with other associated expenses, such as housing, books, and school supplies, can turn into tens of thousands of dollars. To make things a little easier, we are pleased to be offering an annual $1,000. Artificial Intelligence is always in the news, a hot topic that crosses different industries and generations. Surex was one of the first insurance brokerages to use AI and really leverage this alongside machine learning. “AI has changed the way society and business function today. Can AI be a tool all business can use to succeed or is there a time and place for this technology?” Deadline is September 25, 2019.  Please see website for more details.

Patrick Tasker Masonic Educational Fund Scholarships

This fund was established in 1861 to provide financial assistance for the education of children of deceased, deprived or incapacitated Masons who were or are members of participating Masonic Lodges in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The fund offers six (6) scholarships of $ 750 each for students who have graduated from any high school under the jurisdiction of the Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Government’s Department of Education. These scholarships are available to the children, grandchildren or dependants of any eligible member of the Masonic Fraternity within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are awarded based on academic achievement in Level III and must be used to attend any approved post secondary institution. Further information and applications forms are available from the address below or by emailing or

The Patrick Tasker Masonic, Education Fund , ATTN: The Secretary, Box 20 Freemasons Hall, 115 Mount Carson Ave., Mount Pearl, Newfoundland A1N 0G1

Team One Exhibits Announces its Annual Scholarship Program

The marketing experts at Team One Exhibits are honored to announce an annual scholarship for up-and-coming marketers. It’s a $500 award, and it will be given to a hard-working, deserving student with the drive to succeed and a knack for exhibit design. Here, you’ll learn all about this great opportunity.  To keep our program open to the most candidates, we’ve made our application process as simple as possible. To enter:  Write a 1000+ word essay on the topics of experiential marketing and exhibit design. The angle you take is up to you!  Send the finished essay to us at before April 8, 2020.  Make sure the essay is in Microsoft Word or PDF format, as we can’t accept Google Docs and Dropbox links.  Be sure your essay is relevant, creative, and above all, original. Plagiarism is not tolerated, and if any of the content in your essay is copied, we will reject your entry.  Don’t forget to include your full name and your contact information, as well as your school’s name. Deadline is April 18, 2020.  See website for more details.

Texas Premier Locksmith Scholarship

At Texas Premier Locksmith, we believe that all students should have access to a top-quality secondary education. To that end, we’re offering a $500 scholarship to a deserving student to put toward their educational expenses.  Our scholarship program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as long as they are in full-time degree programs at accredited institutions.  Deadline August 13, 2019. See website for more details on the application process.

Universities Canada

2019 Scholarship Program for Indigenous Students

Husky Energy’s Scholarship Program for Indigenous Students is focused on attracting Indigenous talent to the oil and gas industry. The program provides financial support to students with outstanding academic achievement and connects them with relevant work experience through co-op and summer work terms along with professional development through a mentorship program.  There are three scholarships valued at $5,000 CAD for the bachelor level and two scholarships valued at $3,500 CAD for the diploma level. Deadline Date: May 31, 2019.  Click here to apply online now. For additional information, contact:

2019 Women in STEM Scholarship

Husky Energy’s scholarship program for female students in STEM programs is focused on attracting women in STEM to the energy industry. The program provides financial support to students with outstanding academic achievements, connects them with relevant work experiences through co-op and summer work terms and includes a mentorship program.  There are three scholarships valued at $5,000 CAD for the bachelor or diploma level. Deadline Date: May 31, 2019. Click here to apply online now.  For additional information, contact:

Velvetech Scholarship

To assist students passionate about pursuing a degree in web design or development, Velvetech is proud to sponsor an annual $1,000 college scholarship essay contest. Details about the contest and how to apply are below. Further, our aim is to double this amount for next year’s program.  The scholarship amount is $1000 and it will be awarded to one student for their education expenses. In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:  Must be currently attending or planning to attend a college or university during the 2019-2020 academic yearMust be in good academic standing with your current educational institutionFor applicants under 18, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardianHas a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)Must apply to the contest via email and provide your name and the name of the institution you are attending or plan to attend.  Deadline to apply is December 31, 2019.  Please see website for more details.

Veterans Affairs Canada - Education and Training Benefit

The benefit can provide Veterans with six years of service up to $40,000 and Veterans with at least 12 years of service up to $80,000. It can be used to cover tuition, course materials and living expenses.  See website for details

Margaret Williams Trust Fund

Margaret Williams Trust Fund Award was established to promote the development of librarianship in Newfoundland and Labrador. Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants seeking funding for library related projects or assistance in pursuing graduate studies in librarianship, archival studies, or teacher librarianship.  Deadline to apply is June 14, 2019.  See website for details or contact:

Ms. Susan E. Cleyle
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Margaret Williams Trust Fund
c/o Queen Elizabeth II Library
Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John’s, NL A1B 3Y1

Women in Computing Scholarship

Dotcom-Monitor would like to encourage and support female undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in computing by assisting them with the rising cost of higher education. Each year one applicant will be selected to receive the Dotcom-Monitor Women in Computing Scholarship of $1,000 to support their education and pursuit of a career in computing.  Eligibility:  The Dotcom-Monitor Women in Computing Scholarship is open to female students currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at an accredited college or university in the U.S. or Canada for the 2017-2018 academic year. Applicants should have either already declared their major or have completed at least one academic year in computer science, computer engineering, or closely related technical field.  Annual Deadline is May 1, 2019. See website for more details

Young Mining Professionals Scholarships

In 2019, YMP Toronto is proud to partner with Barrick Gold Corporation, Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, The Northern Miner, IAMGOLD Corp, Yamana Gold, Anaconda Mining, and Orefinders Resources Inc. to fund a series of $1,000 - $10,000 scholarships totalling $44,000 for Canadian University students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in the 2019 academic year pursuing a career in mining. Applicants are encouraged to apply to more than one scholarship.  Each and every scholarship application is due by 11:59pm on August 31st 2019. The 10 recipients will be announced by September 30th, 2019.  See website for details on each scholarship. 

Other sites to check for scholarships, bursaries and awards

Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)



Government of Canada Scholarships

Indspire Institute

International Education and Financial Aid

Leonard Foundation

Loran Scholarship Foundation

Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme

Scholarships Canada

Student Scholarships

The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid (United States)


Where else can I search for opportunities?

Many organizations and clubs oftentimes support members with educational funding opportunities.  You should follow up with any organizations or clubs that you and/or your family members are involved with, including:

  • Your employer
  • Your parent(s) employer
  • Foundations
  • Community Organizations
  • Churches/Religious groups

External Scholarship Payment

Payment of the scholarship is dependent upon the Donor's preference.  The donor may send a cheque directly to Memorial University so that it can be deposited into your student account.   Atlernatively, the donor may send a cheque directly to you.  If the cheque is made payable Memorial University, then you should bring it to the Scholarships Office located in the Arts and Administration Building, 1st Floor, Room A1002.  



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