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General Travel Checklist 

This checklist is intended to assist anyone involving domestic and international travel related to university business. Please note: It should not be considered an all-encompassing list as travel requirements are dependent upon the type of travel, activity, location, etc. If you have any questions please contact Enterprise Risk Management.

Prior to departing on your trip please ensure that you have reviewed Memorial University’s Travel - General Policy.

 Health and Safety 
Knowledge of hospitals/medical centers in or near area of travel. 
Ensure proper identification (Photo id, MCP, medical insurance cards, etc.) is attained



Complete the Health Statement and Medical Release for Travel* form 
Knowledge of health warnings/pandemics/communicable disease(s) in the area of travel 
Have communication options readily available that are appropriate for the area 
Ensure travelers have adequate medical insurance coverage as the University does not have medical coverage within its insurance policies. 
 Contact health insurance provider for information on how to proceed in the event medical attention is required while traveling 
Read and understand the University’s Working Alone Procedure 
Notify next of kin of travel plans along with contact information 
International Travel
Visit Canada’s travel warning website to obtain up to date risk levels for the areas that will be traveled to. If the destination is ranked as “Exercise a high degree of caution,” or higher you must contact Risk and Insurance Services as insurance coverage may not apply. 
Register information with the Department of Foreign Affairs  
Contact the International Center or more information and orientation to the specific area of travel**  


Review Memorial University’s Employee Owned and University Owned or Leased Vehicle policies (if applicable) 
Use of 12/15 passenger vans are not recommended, however, if used please refer to Transport Canada’s website for proper loading and driving practices and contact Risk and Insurance Services prior to the trip. 
If transporting hazardous equipment or dangerous goods please ensure that you have the proper training and are within the limits of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. 
If renting a vehicle for less than 30 days decline all insurance coverage offered by the renting agency and refer to Risk and Insurance’s website 
If renting in excess of 30 days please contact the Facilities Management Procurement Officer at (709) 864-4310 
Ensure that you or members of your group are properly trained for the particular type of vehicle that will they will be operating 
If using a personal vehicle on University business please be aware that the insurance policy of the vehicle will provide primary coverage in the case of a claim 


Consult with General Counsel to ensure appropriate waivers and informed consents are completed 
Check for university/departmental policies related to travel. It is important to note that university policies will extend to any sanctioned University activity occurring off University premises. 
Identify a group leader and an alternate in the event that the leader becomes incapacitated 
Provide your department with contact information while you are away 
Collect contact information for traveling members who are staying at various locations during the trip 


Print a PDF of the General Travel Checklist Here


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