Battery Facility Graduate Student Accommodations


The Battery Facility Graduate Student Accommodations, located off campus on historic Signal Hill, offer access to hiking trails, wildlife, restaurants, live music and more.

Imagine looking up from studying to see a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, and ships in St. John’s Harbour.

With furnished, condo-like single rooms, private washrooms, and shared kitchens, the space offers independent living with utilities included.

The Accommodations

 Battery Room Photo

Battery Room Photo

Battery Room Photo

Large, spacious personal bedrooms with commanding scenic views provide comfortable accommodations for living and academic needs. Each room has its own personal bathroom facility and comes complete with a bed, furniture and a refrigerator. 

Battery Room Photo

As an independent living facility, food service is not provided. Modern communal kitchens and common areas are available including stoves, ovens, and microwaves.

Battery Room Photo

Battery Room Photo

Battery Room Photo

Battery Room Photo

While many amenities are provided, you'll need to bring your own personal items, linens/towels, and eating/cookware. Here is a full list of what you will want to bring with you.

Laundry facilities are also located on site, conveniently operated using your university campus card.

Limited student parking is available at the Facility. There are bike racks located outside the facility. Several city buses operate in the vicinity, about a ten minute walk from the Facility. Please note that the Facility is located on a hill, and walking conditions can be challenging in winter weather.

Residents may choose to avail of a university-run shuttle that provides limited service between Memorial's St. John's Campus, the Ocean Sciences Centre, the Marine Institute and the Battery Facility. Users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the daily schedule and the Terms of Use which include the list of holidays when service is not available. Click here to visit Memorial's Sustainability Office for more information.

For more details and general information about living in the Battery Facility Graduate Student Accommodations, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or email

Battery Facility Site Map

 Battery Facility Site Map

Floor Plans

Harbour Wing - Level 1 Bedrooms
Harbour Wing - Level 2 Bedrooms
Harbour Wing - Level 3 Bedrooms
Harbour Wing - Typical Bedroom
Tower - Level 3 Bedrooms
Tower - Level 4 Bedrooms
Tower - Level 5 Bedrooms
Tower - Typical Bedroom
Tower - Typical Accessible Bedroom
Tower - Typical Accessible Kitchen

Tower rooms are approximately 100 sq. ft. larger in total area than Harbour Wing rooms.

 Rates and Details

 Battery Rates

1 The above introductory rates, reflecting the ongoing work at the Facility, will apply on all relevant room rates for students residing at the Facility until major construction is complete. Residents living at the Facility during this introductory period will be given a minimum of three months’ notice prior to any rate change. The impact of the adjacent construction includes increased traffic, large vehicles in the parking lot, and increased noise during construction hours.

The above rates include utilities and in-room internet access (wired and wireless). Additional user rates will apply for cable television, parking and laundry.

 How do I apply?

Applying to the Battery Facility Graduate Accommodations is easy. Please read carefully and complete fully so that your application receives quick consideration and response. A non-refundable application fee of $40 (Canadian funds) must accompany every application.

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Admission and Readmission

The Battery Facility Graduate Accommodations are for registered graduate students of Memorial University or the Marine Institute only. Admission is determined based on your program status and program of study. Graduate students are permitted to live at the Battery Facility accommodations up to a maximum of two years, pursuant to adherence to the rules and regulations of the residence, maintaining graduate student status, and following a review of the student’s public engagement activities during year one. NOTE: the public engagement activity criteria will be waived for 2016-2017.


Offer of Accommodations

Applicants who have been accepted to The Battery Facility Graduate Accommodations will be sent an Offer of Accommodations. Your Offer of Accommodations must be completed and returned to Student Residences before the deadline stated on your offer.


The Accommodations Agreement

All students living in The Battery Facility Graduate Student Accommodations are required to accept our Accommodations Agreement, which is a legally binding agreement between Memorial University and our students. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of occupancy, fees, behavior, etc.

We strongly recommend that you read the Accommodations Agreement carefully and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. 

Public Engagement

The Battery Facility is envisioned to be a world leader as a publicly-engaged venue that will inspire Memorial and its public collaborators to transform our communities, province, country and world in positive ways. To support this vision, we seek to create a community of public engagement leaders and practitioners amongst residents of the Battery Facility.

Living at the Battery Facility provides Memorial graduate students with a chance to be a part of a dynamic community that contributes to advancing Memorial’s Public Engagement Framework and offers a range of opportunities relating to public engagement.

Applicants for the graduate student accommodations at the Battery Facility will be invited to complete a supplementary form to indicate their experience and interest in public engagement activities. Responses to these questions will be used, along with other criteria, to determine housing priority among applicants.

The public engagement eligibility form should be completed within 48 hours of submission of the housing application form. Applicants who choose not to complete this form will not be eligible for public engagement prioritization but may still be offered housing depending on availability. NOTE: The public engagement eligibility form is not mandatory.

We look forward to welcoming you.



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