Calibration - Verification Procedures and Forms

This page contains the procedures and forms used by Technical Services in the Monitoring and Measuring Devices Process. The procedure and accompanying forms are listed below. Once the procedure has been completed, and the form filled out, the data is to be entered into the master Calibration/Verification list for your division. The Mechanical Division list is found on "mechcommon" and the Electronic Division list is found on "eleccommon". The form is also to be scanned and stored appropriately.

Document #Procedure NameDocument #Form Name
TS-0047Measuring Tape ProcedureTS-0069Measuring Tape Record Form
TS-0048Vernier Caliper ProcedureTS-0070Vernier Caliper Record Form
TS-0049Outside Micrometer ProcedureTS-0071Outside Micrometer Record Form
TS-0050Height Gauge ProcedureTS-0072Height Gauge Record Form
TS-0051Dial Indicator ProcedureTS-0073Dial Indicator Record Form
TS-0052Inside Micrometer ProcedureTS-0074Inside Micrometer Record Form
TS-0053Depth Micrometer ProcedureTS-0075Depth Micrometer Record Form
TS-0054Manual Lathe Calibration ProcedureTS-0076Manual Lathe Calibration Record Form
TS-0055Manual Mill Calibration ProcedureTS-0077Manual Mill Calibration Record Form
TS-0056CNC Lathe Calibration ProcedureTS-0078CNC Lathe Calibration Record Form
TS-0057CNC Mill Calibration ProcedureTS-0079CNC Mill Calibration Record Form
TS-0058Wilt Oven, Model 200 Calibration ProcedureTS-0080Wilt Oven, Model 200 Calibration Record Form
TS-0059Wilt Oven, Model 120-B Calibration ProcedureTS-0081Wilt Oven, Model 120-B Calibration Record Form
TS-0060Wilt Oven, Model 125 Calibration ProcedureTS-0082Wilt Oven, Model 125 Calibration Record Form
TS-0061Weight Scale Calibration ProcedureTS-0085Weight Scale Calibration Record Form
TS-0062Electric Furnace Calibration ProcedureTS-0084Electric Furnace Calibration Record Form
TS-0063Depth Dial Indicator Calibration ProcedureTS-0083Depth Dial Indicator Calibration Record Form
TS-0064DC Power Supply Calibration ProcedureTS-0086DC Power Supply Calibration Record Form
TS-0065Electric Thermometer Calibration ProcedureTS-0090Electric Thermometer Calibration Record Form
TS-0066Frequency Counter Calibration ProcedureTS-0087Frequency Counter Calibration Record Form
TS-0067Multimeter Calibration ProcedureTS-0088Multimeter Calibration Record Form
TS-0068Oscilloscope Calibration ProcedureTS-0089Oscilloscope Calibration Record Form
TS-0093Frequency Generator Calibration ProcedureTS-0094Frequency Generator Calibration Record Form
TS-0095Tool Setting Gauge Calibration ProcedureTS-0097Tool Setting Gauge Calibration Record Form
TS-0096Euclid Annealing Oven Calibration ProcedureTS-0098Euclid Annealing Oven Calibration Record Form



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