Sample Submission

Sample submission requirements

Solid samples should be dried and powdered (where possible) prior to submission.

For biological samples, freeze-drying is ideal, but oven drying at 60-80 C for 24 to 48 hrs works as well. After drying, samples can be kept in a desiccator to prevent uptake of moisture from the air.

The SIL has mortars and pestles to grind samples, and a microbalance to weigh the samples into tin or silver capsules or into GasBench vials.

Clients from Memorial are required to process their own samples. Additional fees are administered for samples that require processing by lab personnel.

For other types of samples, please contact the lab for requirements.



Sample submission and SIL User Agreement forms

All clients must complete a Request for Analysis and Approval form (SIL analysis request & approval 2017.pdf) with full accounting details prior to commencing sample preparation or analysis.

All clients requiring EA, Gas Bench or TIC/TOC analyses should download and complete the sample submission form (SIL Sample Submission 2017.xlsx) and e-mail it to Alison Pye (

For submissions from outside the Memorial University community, a purchase order originating from your institution, a certified cheque, or electronic transfer is accepted as payment. We will provide you with more detailed information when you contact us.


IMPORTANT: If you need access to the lab to weigh samples or to get instruction on how to use the equipment in case you want to run your own samples, you need to read and sign the SIL user agreement (SIL lab use agreement v3.pdf) and submit it to A. Pye.



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