Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers



Location: ER-5042

After 27 years of service, the MAT 252 has now entered retirement. As such, the lab will no longer be able to perform sulfur analysis.


DeltaVPlus I

Location: ER-5042

The DeltaVPlus I is interfaced with the EA for bulk analysis of solid samples for 13C/12C and 15N/14N, and with the GasBench for 13C/12C and 18O/16O of carbonates after treatment with phosphoric acid. It may also be interfaced with the TIC/TOC analyzer for 13C/12C of aqueous samples. Reference and sample gases are introduced via a ConFlo III interface.


DeltaVPlus II

Location: ER-4006

The DeltaVPlus II is interfaced with an Agilent 6890N GC for compound specific isotope analysis via a GC Combustion interface, and with a TC/EA for bulk analysis of 2H/1H and 18O/16O of solid samples. This IRMS also has a dual inlet. 



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