Institutional Review

In the interest of reducing duplication of services between units (Grants Facilitators & Associate Dean’s research) and RGCS, and continuous service improvement, RGCS’ grant application review process was updated in December 2016.
Institutional Compliance Review now includes:

  • Confirming eligibility requirements of applicant/co-applicants and partner organizations (where applicable);
  • Reviewing budget to ensure that it has been prepared in accordance with Memorial’s policies (including the Indirect Cost Policy);
  • Confirming approval of application by Decanal unit(s);
  • Assessing the relationship of related grants and/or pending applications with the current application (leveraged partnership programs only); and
  • Confirming compliance with the “Meaning of Signature” as outlined in the application guidelines.
  • Institutional approval (where this has not been delegated to the Decanal level) including signature (where applicable) for applications, and research funding related contracts and agreements for all funding agencies except CFI and CRC (see CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services for more information);

Unless specifically stipulated in the “Meaning of Signature” associated with the specific application, RGCS no longer checks for:

  • Any unconfirmed commitments of funding, space, etc. made in the application are the responsibility of the unit.
  • Signatures from applicants, co-applicants or partners other than the submitting Decanal unit.
  • Application completeness.
  • Verification of commitments (institutional or otherwise).

Therefore responsibility for any issues arising from the above vests with the unit.



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