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From its earliest days, Memorial University has encouraged research activity by its faculty. From modest beginnings in the 1950s, research has grown steadily — to nearly $100 million dollars in 2010/11. As Memorial grows into an increasingly research-focused institution, it is necessary to think about how best to support researchers, engage with the wider community and continue to build a culture of research excellence.

To that end, the university has unveiled the Research Strategy Framework, an aspirational document that focuses on pursuing, supporting and celebrating excellence in all forms of research.

The League of Extraordinary Researchers is Memorial University of Newfoundland's creative retelling of the Research Strategy Framework.


Memorial University is a leading knowledge community where research excellence is valued and promoted for its contributions to the advancement of knowledge, to the professional and personal development of students and researchers, and to the well-being of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and the world.


We will build upon Memorial University's vibrant culture of creativity, innovation and research excellence to create, transform, interpret, share and apply knowledge with integrity, excitement, vigour and purpose.


I am pleased to present the first volume of our Illustrating Memorial trilogy. Each will detail one of three new university frameworks: Research, Teaching and Learning, and Engagement.

The first, aptly titled The League of Extraordinary Researchers, highlights the specific goals and strategic themes which form the background of our research strategy. Memorial University is already home to internationally-renowned experts and respected authorities, some of whose work is featured in the pages that follow. Our researchers and scholars are also widely recognized for their active engagement with communities, both here and around the world. Indeed, it is these innovative research programs, careful stewardship and strong community that make Memorial University unique.


The Research Strategy Framework represents a major advance in Memorial University's growth and evolution.

It puts into words our vision of the future of research, and our aspirations for a university-wide culture of research excellence. It also articulates ways in which Memorial can build on its rich record of engagement with community partners and research collaborators, both here and around the world.

Our vision was developed and refined through active consultations across the university and throughout the province. Ten research themes emerged from these sessions reflecting our current strengths and emerging strategic opportunities. These themes are neither exclusive nor prescriptive in scope. On the contrary, they are titles that capture clusters of activities, many with natural connections across the diverse disciplines, academic units, and forms of scholarship at this university. And their inclusiveness and versatility are evident throughout the stories featured in this, the first volume of Illustrating Memorial.


Learn more about the goals of the framework through stories that feature some of the amazing scholars and projects that make Memorial unique. These stories also highlight the 10 cross-cutting strategic research themes that represent areas of existing research strength and/or emerging opportunity. Icons representing these themes will emerge as you navigate through The League of Extraordinary Researchers