Memorial University Research Report 2014

We are research at Memorial University.

Every year, the Research Report is a celebration of discovery. It is a reminder of the captivating and impactful research taking place in our corner of the world that will eventually traverse far beyond our province’s rugged coast.

In the stories ahead, whether you are a student, staff or faculty member, or esteemed friend and supporter of Memorial University, you will follow the journey of a few of our amazing researchers as they seek knowledge and creation, and perhaps be inspired by them.

However, the important research we do at Memorial could not take place without the unrelenting support of our entire university community and friends. This report not only serves to champion the efforts and talents of Memorial’s researchers, it is an act of gratitude to the entire university and beyond.

Every one of us in the Memorial University community, in our own particular way, contributes to our impactful research. Together, we are building the world of tomorrow.


Most sincerely,
Dr. Richard J. Marceau, PEng, PhD, FCAE
Vice-president (research)