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Success Secrets of University Students

{Dr. Lilly Walker}
Dr. Lilly Walker

Success Secrets of University Students provides readers with the necessary tools to excel in university. Seven core themes are explored: searching for connection: uncovering self-mastery strategies; communicating effectively; creating community; evaluating learning strategies; solving problems; and seeking personal and professional success.

Valuable learning aids throughout help students master the core themes, build self-confidence, expand their capabilities and develop positive attitudes on their road to success.

Co-authors Dr. Lilly Walker, Memorial's dean of Student Affairs and Services, and Dieter Jürgen Schönwetter, University of Manitoba, designed Success Secrets to expose students to key concepts related to becoming successful university students, and provide them with activities that will encourage them to develop abilities and attitudes associated with success.

"Since each student's search for success builds on their uniqueness, each will discover, within the chapters, different combinations of core concepts and self-reflective exercises that focus their development," the authors write in the preface. "However, in order to achieve success, all students will need to engage actively with the material, practice these new skills, and help their fellow students practice them as well."

The book has been designed to engage the students in their quest for understanding. Lift-out boxes detailing relevant research and tips titled It's More Than Common Sense enhance the value of practical learning strategies. There are also exercises in observing, reflecting, experimenting, exploring, doing, and applying support differences learning approaches. Success Secrets of University Students also provides recommendations for making the most out of the university experience.

Success Secrets of University Students is published by Prentice-Hall.

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