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The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration

{Dr. Christopher Dunn}
Dr. Christopher Dunn

Edited by Dr. Christopher Dunn
Judging by the fact that the federal government is the largest employer in Canada, students in many disciplines, emerging public administrators and established professionals would be well advised to take note of the fact that "Canadian public administration is undergoing a period of rapid change."

The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration, edited by Dr. Christopher Dunn of Memorial's Political Science department, aims to instruct and provide a heterogeneous view of the public service to the introductory student as well as to those already well-versed in public administration.

The handbook examines the current state of public administration in Canada in the light of worldwide societal changes, and illuminates its history by discussing "where we have been, where we are, and where we are going." Contributors to the handbook are Canadian professionals and instructors from fields such as consulting, statistics and, naturally, law and political science. Dr. Dunn outlines the concerns and interests of these "leading practitioners and academics," including the key development of NPM or New Public Management and the ever-expanding ICT field and its influence on public service workers.

A complete compendium of scholarly articles, the expertise the handbook contains will inform readers of ever-critical subjects as the difference between public and private sector compensation, and the ongoing "wave of change" in workplace equity, matters of special importance given that "the future of the public sector depends in part on its relative attractiveness to new recruits."

Although Dr. Dunn also states that "a critical overview" of the state of Canadian public administration is not yet available from experts, the essays in the handbook provided the contributors a unique opportunity to address the developments and current challenges in Canadian government. Their presentation of the state of the many domains of public service in Canada create an overall depiction of a uniquely "Canadian way of governance."

The handbook was published by Oxford University Press.

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{Memorial University of Newfoundland}