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Newfoundland at the Crossroads Documents on Confederation with Canada

{Dr. John Fitzgerald}
Dr. John Fitzgerald

Edited By Dr. John Fitzgerald
Newfoundland at the Crossroads is a guide through original documents to key issues in Newfoundland's 20th-century constitutional history. This book reveals the desires of Britain and Canada to bring about Newfoundland's union with Canada, and shows their close co-operation and the fascinating inner political workings of the confederation campaigns.

It is required reading for anyone interested in Newfoundland's history, or anyone with an interest in how and why the province is a part of Canada. The volume provides a chronological sample of some of the more significant documents reflecting the political and constitutional evolution of 20th century Newfoundland. The documents illustrate the contemporary concerns and arguments of the various participants in the confederation process and debates.

Many documents are surprising for their frankness and candour, and reveal government officials and politicians privately expressing concerns and interests that few would dare to express publicly.

The book is divided into eight sections, starting with the loss of self-government and Canadian interest in Newfoundland, and runs through the 1948 referenda and the Ottawa delegation and union.

Documents include excerpts from the Amulree Report, speeches from the National Convention, including famous spiels by Joseph Smallwood and Peter Cashin, newspaper articles and editorials from the referenda of 1948, and the Terms of Union.

Dr. John FitzGerald is adjunct professor in the Department of History at Memorial. He has conducted research on Newfoundland's political and constitutional history at archives in Newfoundland and Labrador, elsewhere in Canada, in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Italy. He has published articles on Confederation in The Newfoundland Quarterly, Newfoundland Studies, The Beaver, and Historical Studies.

Newfoundland at the Crossroads is available at bookstores, including the University Bookstore.

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