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Becoming Leaders: A Handbook for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

{Dr. Mary Williams(L) and Carolyn Emerson}
Dr. Mary Williams(L) and Carolyn Emerson

Dr. Mary Williams and Carolyn Emerson
Becoming Leaders: A Handbook for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology is full of information that is accessible and, above all, practical. Written by Dr. Mary Williams, honorary professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and Carolyn Emerson, assistant to the NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering, the handbook is a unique source of "smart"; information written for senior women students and young professionals working in science, engineering or technology careers.

"The handbook is called Becoming Leaders because every woman in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a potential leader,"; said Dr. Williams. "The handbook is written both to support career success and to encourage leadership self-awareness.";

The handbook is primarily intended for people interested in the advancement of their own careers or in the development of human resources in their organization. Much of the information is presented in point form with the supporting social/educational/psychological research. The handbook goes a step further and also provides readers with an action plan for achieving important goals - both personal and professional.

"This is a unique book,"; added Ms. Emerson. "We have written from our own experiences as scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians and have included our own challenges, successes and helpful strategies. As such, the reader very quickly recognizes the common experience and can benefit from the shared information.";

The book is also laid out so that the reader can simply forward to the section that is of most interest to him or her. For example, there are sections that cover work-life balance, proactive diversity practices for deans and directors, personal networks and mentors, tenure strategies for new university faculty, and career skills and strategies. To quote one reader, "[it is] an inviting form, an easy read, down-to-earth, straight forward, full of references to follow up on, good testimonials and lots of back-up research.";

Becoming Leaders is published by the NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Newfoundland and Labrador and is available at the MUN bookstore or through www.mun.ca/cwse.

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