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Batia Boe Stolar - English

{Batia Boe Stolar}
Batia Boe Stolar

Batia Boe Stolar was born in Mexico City, but her family moved to Oakville, Ontario, in 1982. She completed her undergraduate work, at Carleton University, in English; her honours paper was on Arthurian myth and literature. She completed her M.A. in English at Concordia University; her thesis was on Jewish-American female writers. Batia is presently working on her Ph.D. in English, specializing in twentieth century Canadian and American immigrant literatures.

"After I finished my B.A. (honours) and worked for two years, I realized how much I missed academia. I decided to pursue graduate school as a means of pursuing a career in academia. I needed the intellectual stimulus and environment.

"Memorial University made me a very attractive offer that I could not refuse. In addition to the scholarship funding, I was given an opportunity to teach at the first-year level throughout my program. This has been an invaluable experience. Few programs offer their graduate students the opportunity to hone their pedagogical skills while pursuing and developing their research.

"There have been numerous advantages to studying at Memorial. The English Department has been extremely supportive of my research and interests. As a Teaching Fellow, I have been given guidance and assistance and treated as a colleague. I have also had the opportunity to work on postscript: a journal of graduate criticism and theory, an in-house graduate journal.

"Perhaps because of its size and location, Memorial offers opportunities for interdisciplinary work. I have been able to participate in the M.Phil. in Humanities program as well as in activities sponsored by the Philosophy Department (such as the St. John's Public Lecture Series in Philosophy). Getting to know faculty and students in departments or units outside of the English Department has also influenced my research and interests. It has widened rather than narrowed my interests and scholarly approach.

"St. John's is a beautiful and lively place to live, quite affordable for a graduate student, and offers many opportunities. Although I lived in Montreal prior to moving to St. John's, it was here that I heard Mordecai Richler speak. I have been able to get front-row tickets to performances and sporting events that I probably would not have been able to afford in a larger city, and have been exposed to other venues. The MUN Cinema series brings art films on a weekly basis, and there is a wide range of musical performances to choose from.

"St. John's also offers a wide range of outdoor activities and city sports leagues that make it an ideal city to live in all-year round. I do not have a lot of time to pursue outside interests or other activities, but when I am able to I like to work on photography, write (poetry and fiction), and play hockey.

"Upon completion of my degree, I will be pursuing an academic career and spending more time on my creative writing and photography.

Batia is the recipient of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship (1998-2001), a Graduate Student Fellowship (2001) and is a Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}