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Dr. Thormod Johansen

{Dr. Thormod Johansen}
Dr. Thormod Johansen

Professor, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and
professor, Department of Earth Sciences

Research interests
It was a strong interest in mathematics and physics that lead Dr. Johansen into the study of petroleum reservoir simulation. Working as a senior research scientist at the Institute for Energy Technology in Kjeller, Norway, he began working on analytical solutions to flow problems arising in enhanced oil recovery. Since then his research has focused on methods in reservoir and well flow simulation, well performance simulation and reservoir characterization. Earlier this year he was awarded a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Characterization. Dr. Johansen hopes to use this new designation to build an interdisciplinary network of individuals to contribute to this area of research.

Dr. Johansen began his industrial career as a principal engineer with Norsk Hydro in Oslo, Norway, where he worked on fluid characterization and compositional simulation. He later progressed to chief engineer with Norsk Hydro and was the project manager for many of their advanced wells projects. Most recently, Dr. Johansen was employed as the chief petroleum engineer with Altinex AS in Norway.

Dr. Johansen began his academic pursuits at the University of Oslo, Norway where he first received a B.Sc. in mathematics and physics, followed by a M.Sc. in pure mathematics and a PhD in applied mathematics. He began teaching at the University of Oslo as an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. He also taught reservoir simulation at the post-graduate level at the University of Oslo and worked as a research associate at the University of Texas. Dr. Johansen came to Newfoundland because he wanted to contribute some of his expertise to the local oil industry. "How to develop these fields is a big challenge, one which I would like to focus my research on in collaboration with the local oil industry."

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}