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Dr. James Lawson

{Dr. James Lawson}
Dr. James Lawson

Assistant professor
Political Science

Research interests
Combining his interests in politics and the environment, Dr. Lawson completed his PhD work on forestry disputes in Ontario. He now hopes to broaden his research in Newfoundland where the push and pull between the people and their government so often focuses on natural resource management. With construction work underway on the Trans-Labrador highway, Dr. Lawson also hopes to see how the political, economic and cultural pressures could play out.

After completing his BA in political studies, Dr. Lawson worked for a year as a parliamentary intern in Ottawa. For his master's degree in political science, he studied the potential for participatory industrial strategy in a federal system. As a PhD student at York University, he studied the forest disputes in Ontario's Algonquin Park and Temagami region. During the completion of his PhD, Dr. Lawson took a research position at Auburn University, Alabama. There he shifted focus, working on Dr. Benjamin Cashore's multi-regional study of non-state forest certification programs.

Raised until the age of nine in the old lakeshore town of Port Hope, Ontario, Dr. Lawson witnessed first-hand the destructive power of misused natural resources, the creative, restorative power of ordinary people, and the potential of communities who have government institutions geared to their concerns. After graduating from Trent University, Dr. Lawson went on to complete his masters at Dalhousie University, then returned to Ontario to pursue a PhD at York. Having arrived in Newfoundland in mid-August, he is now teaching Canadian Political Problems (POSC 1010) and Introduction to Policy Analysis (POSC 3730). In the winter term, he will work with more first-year political science students, and will continue to teach in Canadian public policy.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}