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Dr. Husam Younes

{Dr. Husam Younes}
Dr. Husam Younes

Assistant professor
School of Pharmacy

Research interests
Dr. Younes' research is on polymeric drug delivery systems for cancer treatment. He is looking for an approach that will deliver treatment in an efficient localized and sustained manner. His work utilizes cytokines, which are soluble glycoproteins released by cells of the immune system that act through specific receptors to regulate immune responses. Dr. Younes is looking at ways to deliver cytokines through a system that is biodegradable but which will maintain the stability of these proteins and achieve localized action. He is also looking at ways of using biodegradable polymers to deliver genes. This field of research is aimed at directing specific genes to areas of the body where their presence has been demolished or reduced as a result of a certain diseased state. Dr. Younes said if this study is successful, it will be a new approach for enhancing cancer therapy.

Dr. Younes joined the School of Pharmacy in November, following education and work experience in the field of pharmaceutics and drug delivery. He earned his pharmacy degree in Egypt in 1992 and worked for a year as a community pharmacist before pursuing a master's degree in pharmaceutical technology and industry at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. He worked for two years in the pharmaceutical industry in Jerusalem before moving to Alberta to do a PhD at the University of Alberta in pharmaceutical science. He brings a new research expertise to Memorial's School of Pharmacy, and is involved in teaching new graduate and undergraduate courses in pharmaceutics and physical pharmacy as well as setting up a laboratory for his research and taking on graduate students.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}