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Dr. Frederick White

{Dr. Frederick White}
Dr. Frederick White

Assistant professor
Department of German and Russian

Research interests
Dr. White is interested in the intersections between memoir literature and psychobiography, an approach that applies psychology retrospectively to biography. Continuing along the lines of his doctoral dissertation, Dr. White is in the process of developing a course at Memorial that focuses on critical theories in life writing, and plans to offer a course on the influence of German philosophy on Russian intellectual thought. Dr. White also hopes to use his faculty position to the fullest by playing a role in fostering interdisciplinarity between departments as well as cross-listing courses.

While writing his dissertation, Dr. White applied critical theories of life-writing and psychobiography to the memoirs written about the Russian writer Leonid Andreev. After analyzing this memoir literature, as well as poring over medical records, Dr. White concluded that Andreev likely suffered from manic depression. While at the University of Southern California, Dr. White received a Mellon Dissertation Fellowship to conduct archival research related to Andreev. He then spent a year in England at the Leeds University Archive and a year in Moscow in the various literary archives, to assist in the completion of his dissertation.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Dr. White completed his BA at the Ohio State University in 1992, and his MA at the University of Kansas in 1994. He received his PhD from the University of Southern California in 2002. Between his MA and PhD, Dr. White spent two years in Moscow co-ordinating exchanges between American and Russian high school students.

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