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Dr. David Morgan

{Dr. David Morgan}
Dr. David Morgan

Family medicine
Faculty of Medicine

Research interests
Dr. David Morgan has joined the Discipline of Family Medicine to spearhead a new program in emergency medicine. The normal family medicine residency program is two years, but the emergency medicine component will add an extra 18 months to the program. "The idea is to get physicians comfortable working in emergency situations so they can go into rural areas with these new skills. Our program is 12 months of emergency medicine and six months of enhanced rural skills and we hope at the end of the program we will have physicians who will feel comfortable working in an emergency department but will also feel comfortable working in rural areas." Dr. Morgan said the target date to start the new program is July 2003. Initially two or three full-time residents will be accepted, and room will also be made for some re-entry physicians currently working in rural areas who want to pick up some additional skills.

Dr. Morgan has worked in emergency medicine for the past 16 years and is enthusiastic about the potential for the new emergency medicine program. In addition to him, family medicine faculty members Drs. Bob Miller and Scott Moffatt are involved in setting up the new program, which will also depend on input from Royal College of Canada certified emergatologists Drs. Doug Baggs and Mike Hatcher. The program will also include geographic-full-time faculty members Drs. Tia Renouf and Greg Brown.

Born in Corner Brook, Dr. Morgan graduated from Memorial's medical school in 1982 and following a rotating internship he worked for several years in Come-by-Chance. He returned to St. John's to do an internal medicine residency and ended up working in emergency medicine in 1986. "It wasn't as much a career choice as a position opened up, and since then I've worked in all of the adult emergency sites in the city."

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}